5 Best Soda Makers

The Soda maker has made it easier than ever for everyone to have their beloved soda drink home-made, and up to the standards when it comes to safety concerns and cost. The appliance is infiltrating into the modern home’s ideal inventory as one of the go-to drink makers, in addition to traditional fruit juice and coffee makers.

However, soda makers’ somewhat complicated technology renders the buying process surprisingly confusing, especially for those who are not particularly well-versed or enthusiastic about home appliances.

The next few minutes of this guide will be spent on everything you need to know about soda makers before you splash that hard-earned cash on anything that looks like one.

We’ll start with a look at how these machines work in basic terms, the advantages they bring onto the soda making landscape,  detailed buying guide, and then proceed with our five best soda makers recommendations and FAQ’s.

Top 5 Best Soda Maker Machines

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Seamless performance
Sleek Design
Simplistic design, yet highly effective
High capacity

What exactly are Soda makers, and how do they work?

Soda makers dissolve Carbon dioxide into the water in a process known as Carbonation. Though it sounds relatively straightforward, this process was realized after a couple of centuries of continuous research and experiments. 

The main reason behind this difficulty was that Carbon dioxide and water molecules have different shapes, which makes it incredibly hard for them to get mixed.  

The key elements to achieve Carbon dioxide supersaturation are temperature and pressure. Generally, if the two molecules are brought together in a high-pressure environment, they combine successfully.

The process requires that Carbon dioxide and water get mixed in a pressurized environment, which is set up to seven times the normal atmospheric pressure levels.

Upon reaching these conditions, Carbon dioxide molecules start to separate and attract water molecules within their vicinity. In these conditions, the CO2 fully dissolves in the water.

The water’s temperature during the carbonation process is another critical factor. When the carbonation takes place at freezing temperature(0 degrees Celsius), the water molecules can accommodate five times as much Carbon dioxide as it can at 60 degrees celsius. 

Most soda makers are devices that force CO2 into the water, thus making it fizzy. The package includes three main components, which include the carbonation apparatus itself, a CO2 cylinder, and a beverage bottle. 

The beverage bottle holds the water, and when it is fixed onto the machine, compressed CO2 from the cylinder is injected into the water, thus triggering the carbonation process. There is a wide range of concentrated syrups which can be applied to the carbonated water to come up with a variety of soft drinks.

When the carbonated water is inside the pressurized chamber, it does not possess any fizz. The bubbles are a result of a drastic pressure change when the liquid is released from the pressurized chamber to the atmospheric pressure.

Carbonated water’s Carbon dioxide is 16,000 times more than regular water. That equates to about five standard glasses of Carbon dioxide for every glass of water. When you open the soda bottle, the pressure is reduced, and this causes the Carbon dioxide molecules to be released from the bonds and return to a gaseous state. The gas then escapes to the surface of the liquid as bubbles.

Benefits of soda makers

Having looked at how the carbonation process takes place, let us now explore the advantages that come with soda makers.


In the first place, landing yourself the soda maker comes with the immense potential of helping your home save a significant amount of money annually. It generally means you will keep all that cash you pump into things like bottles and cans of soda drinks.

The only things you might have to pay for all year round are the cartridges, carbonator exchanges, or any other replaceable parts associated with the process of refilling.

In general, although these machines can come in with inflated price tags upfront, the long term value supersedes the initial investment, thus making them an incredibly wise choice for everyone with a massive taste for carbonated drinks. 

However, it’s worth noting that you need to be a bit more careful when you are looking to use flavored soda. Some flavorings can be expensive and can easily cost you a lot in the long run. Therefore, you may need to compare between manufacturers or consider formulating your own.

 Self-made flavors are the go-to for most enthusiasts as they mean greater control and considerably less expenditure. 

Time, effort and space savers 

Time is a precious commodity, and one thing you don’t want to spend it on is packing numerous bottles of water in some shopping cart, and the traveling time to and fro, not to mention the time-consuming challenge of storing them appropriately.

When purchasing soda maker cartridges, the only thing you have to do is have them ordered online before they are shipped to your doorstep.

Additionally, if you can get them in bulk, you can have just enough supply to get you going for a good number of weeks. The cartridges also eat up considerably less space compared to the bottles, even if the soda machine itself may need much space. 

Environmentally friendly 

Although regular plastic bottles are generally recyclable, getting this done implies an extra hassle. Additionally, purchasing them means increased demand, and their production is still a harmful process to the environment.

Most of them are dumped in landfills where they need a couple of decades to decompose, or in oceans where they are generally toxic to wildlife.

As users, our purchases influence how production companies think, even though it’s a little margin. By moving to soda makers, you can help to cut down on the volume of waste created as carbonators are considerably compact. This translates to lower amounts of waste produced by a single liter of soda compared to regular bottles.

Another remarkable advantage is that carbonators can produce healthier sodas than commercially produced ones. For instance, a regular can typically contain up to 40 grams of sugar, which translates to around 150 calories. The fact that you can control what goes into your soda drink through a carbonator makes it far much healthier.

What to consider before buying any Soda maker

The majority of home soda makers come in as one of two types: Soda Siphons and Independent appliances. Siphons are attached to the bottle’s mouth and carbonate the liquid inside. This is possible using a tiny Carbon dioxide cartridge, which is installed inside the Siphon. 

Soda machines typically incorporate cartridges that are mounted onto a countertop device that fills in the soda bottle. Most of them incorporate features that afford you a level of control, like the amount of Carbon dioxide that’s infused into the bottle. They are generally easier and faster but can be costly upfront and eat up more space.

Another great feature associated with Siphons is that they are quite easy to store, maintain, and generally have a longer lifespan. They are typically great for casual drinkers who are looking to have a lot of freedom to carbonate what they need to, without a lot of hassle.

Before you get to commit to any model, it’s imperative that you carry out due diligence and get familiar with how the key features work.

The style of carbonation 

The carbonator’s style is perhaps the most important factor when choosing which device to spend your cash on. The majority of soda makers utilize carbon dioxide canisters to carry out the carbonation process, which is the standard gas utilized in mainstream sodas. 

There is a small degree of risk due to the canister’s high pressure, which is associated with harm if used incorrectly, or when you subject the contents to excessive carbonation.

However, this should be a no-brainer as it is more of something you should just be aware of. Adhering to the instructions set forth by the manufacturer should keep you safe.

Electric models utilize an alternative form of carbonation, which does not leverage on the normal process seen in most models. Instead, they employ special motors that carry out the carbonation process.

It’s important to note that you should be careful with machines that use other forms of gases and other processes as they tend to come with a variety of health concerns and compromised lifespans when it comes to fizziness.

The carafe 

In normal cases, soda makers feature plastic carafes, which can be reused and inserted into the device’s main body. If the package comes in with a plastic bottle, ensure that it’s free of BPA. Plastic bottles typically come with an indicated period of usage, which is usually placed at around two years.

Most plastic bottles will feature some form of recommended usage period, typically around two years, at which the machine will be at optimum capacity.

Beyond this period, the soda will lose its carbonated state at an accelerated rate. Additionally, even though the plastic is BPA-free, it has the potential to cause significant contamination of the water. 

A number of soda makers incorporate glass carafes, which do not normally indicate any form of the expiration date. Glass has remarkable structural integrity, which ensures that it does not break over a certain period of time. Thus they can be safe to use. 

Since you won’t need to change the bottles every couple of years as in plastic, you create a significantly less amount of waste in general, which means a greater impact on the environment.

The bottles are generally reusable; therefore, you do not need to buy new containers every other time you need to use your machine.


It’s a great practice to look at the product specs of every model to get a grip on what’s in the package. In specific terms, you may need to check if there are a canister and bottle included, in order to commence using it immediately.

If the package is void of either of these, you can buy them separately before you get to making the soda. Ensure that you look at the specific requirements of the machine since soda makers differ in terms of compatibility when it comes to bottles and canisters.

Additionally, soda makers come with a small CO2 canister, which affords smaller charges than full-sized canisters.


The carbonator and bottle present the two ideal places where you can check the soda maker’s total capacity. The capacity indicated on the carbonator lets you know the amount of soda you can make before needing a replacement. 

Usually, this is indicated as the maximum volume of soda you can make instead of total number uses. For full-sized canisters, 30-60 liters is ideal. However, this is only an estimation as the total usage is about the level of carbonation you infuse in your drinks every time you carry out the process.  

The value indicated on the bottle lets you know the volume of beverage you can create at a  single instance. The majority of soda makers need you to carbonate the full bottle at an instance, thus allowing you to incorporate the flavor mixture in a larger volume to come up with your beverage. Larger bottles can be ideal if you need extra volumes for more people, as in parties.


If you happen to have a CO2 canister for carbonation, you will most likely need to get yourself a refill. The majority of soda machines do not incorporate indicators on the canister. Therefore, it’s usually hard to track the progress until it’s run out.

This makes it a great idea to have an additional canister if you are looking to utilize your soda maker for an event that involves more people, it’s all up to your preference.

When getting a new canister, it’s great to have the old one presented to the participating retailer before the purchase. This will help you to get the right model in close proximity before making any commitments to any models. Otherwise, it’s very hard to get your hands on any refills.

Method of operation 

The majority of soda makers don’t need an external source of power to run. Therefore, you will normally come across a button mechanism to trigger the carbonation process. In case you are looking to have better control over the levels of carbonation, it’s prudent to consider models with manual carbonation.

When it comes to electric soda makers, there is usually one setting for the carbonation process. This makes you not have much control over the carbonation process.

Appropriate liquids for usage 

Another thing worth noting is that most of the soda makers in existence can only work on water, which implies that you cannot use the machine for other liquids to carry out the carbonation.

In most cases, plain warm water is carbonated, after which the flavor is added to come up with the soda you can then use to fill the cups.

If you are looking for something with a little more firepower to handle alcoholic drinks and others, make it a point to get a machine that’s capable of handling those liquids. However, don’t force anything, as inappropriate liquids can easily clog the system, thus rendering your soda maker unusable.

1. Butler Fizz Master Sodamaker Starter kit – Seamless performance

Butler Fizz Master Sodamaker Starter kit
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This model presents a rather compact soda maker that eats up far less space than a regular coffee-maker. It puts on a slick look, doesn’t need to be plugged into the socket, and comes with a far much less cost than would normally be spent on commercial soda beverages in a single month. An impeccable capacity and performance adorn its feature set. Let’s have a look.

Main Features
  • The package includes the soda maker unit, a Carbon dioxide cylinder, two PET bottles, and a Syrup bottle.
  •  The unit comes in a sleek, all-black body that sets it forth as one of the most elegantly designed devices in today’s market.
  • The gas cylinder holds enough Carbon dioxide to produce up to 25 liters of soda, which is an equivalent of 125 glasses. 
  • Once the gas runs out, it can be replaced through one of Mr. Butler’s retail partners at a small fee.
  • The larger BPA-free PET bottle affords a total volume of 1 liter, as the smaller bottle and syrup bottle measure 500ml and 250ml, respectively.  
PROS (What we liked)
  • Enhanced capacity – The total PET bottle volumes, along with the projected output in terms of the maximum volume of the resultant soda, set it forth as one of the most generous soda machines for home-usage.
  • Great service for the gas supply – The company seems to have a great provision for gas replenishment through a network of retail partners.
  • Durable – It comes in with solid construction and great ABS material, along with a well-designed system for regular usage.
  • User-friendly – It is easy to set up, does not need electricity, and fairly easy to use on a daily basis.
  • Generally affordable – It is fairly priced compared to most mainstream devices.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It might be an impractical product for those located outside the radius of retail partners for gas replenishment.
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2. Eco-Sparkle soda maker – Efficient

Eco-Sparkle soda maker
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This is perhaps one of the most interesting designs on the market due to its unparalleled simplicity to get the carbonation done in a matter of minutes. Though simplistic, it is quite efficient, and in a way that has made it a popular device among soda drink aficionados. Let’s get into the details.

Main Features
  • The soda maker is essentially a Siphon, which features a 1-liter water bottle that is adapted to carry out the carbonation process through a special apparatus that is mounted at the top. 
  • The pack comes with a set of Carbon dioxide vessels known as chargers, which are mounted on top through a charger activating body that releases the CO2 molecules into the water.
  • Each charger can produce about 1 liter of soda, and the initial package comes with a set of 5. 
  • The bottle is BPA-free, reusable, and combines with the whole apparatus to a total weight of 816g and a size of 30.7 x 16.8 x 10.2 cm.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Portable – It eliminates other items by incorporating all the needed carbonation apparatus on a single bottle. This makes it a great space saver if space is one of your primary concerns.
  • Easy to use – The mechanism is quite straightforward and quick. All you need to do is insert the gas charger and initiate the gas charger activator.
  • Great capacity – Though remarkably simple, the bottle affords the same capacity as most soda makers. 
  • Reliable  – The mechanism is simple and yet stable enough to sustain repeated activity over time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It comes with an inflated price tag.
  • The chargers are not reusable, which means additional costs due to replacements
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3. Savvy Soda maker – Sleek Design

Savvy Soda maker
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If you are looking for something that combines solid construction with a powerful performance, this great device should have a great profile in-store. An impeccable gas cylinder and an ample provision of the needed accessories are some of its highlights. Let’s take a look.

Main Features
  • The machine comes in an ABS plastic body with an exquisite all-black finish and adopts a simple design that accommodates a water bottle in an open frontal compartment; in a fashion of a standard coffee maker.
  • On top of the actual soda maker, the pack also includes a 270g cylinder of Carbon dioxide, a pet bottle, and a warranty card. 
  • The machine uses a CO2 cartridge to carry out the carbonation process and does not require any external source of power.
PROS (What we liked)
  • High volume Carbon dioxide cylinder – Placed at 270 grams, the cylinder affords an ample provision for frequent usage.
  • Convenient – It features simple controls and a quick mechanism to get the drink ready in little time.
  • Durable – It is well constructed, with top-notch ABS material.
  • Reasonable price  – It comes with a fair price for a machine of its make and quality. 
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The starter pack would have been more complete if it included some syrup to give the user the first taste of how the machine fairs with different combinations.
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4. Mr. Butler Italia – Simplistic design, yet highly effective

Mr. Butler Italia
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If you’re set for something from the famous Mr. Butler Brand but was looking for something simpler and less costly than the one considered on the first slot, this might be a great fit. Though it eliminates some of the delicacies afforded by the first product, it does provide enough to keep every ardent soda lover satisfied. Let’s take a closer look.

Main Features
  • The design is essentially the same as the first product, only that it replaces the black exterior with an exquisite Blue coating.
  • The CO2 cylinder’s capacity is also preserved, as its output is rated at 25 literEfficient – Though lower in terms of volume, it still affords the same quick and thorough carbonation provided by its more expensive cousin.
  • Easy to use – Easy to install and operate through a convenient water bottle compartment and activation button.
  • Great price – It comes with a mid-range price tag which can resonate very well with limited budgets.
  • Great service – Just like the previous Mr. Butler product, there seems to be ample provision of gas replenishment for those living close to the company’s retail partners.
  • Great build quality and construction – It comes in with durable material and a commendable construction for frequent usage.
  • s of soda (125 glasses). 
  • However, the package features the 500ml pet bottle only, which is unlike the previous device from the same brand, which added another 1-liter bottle and a 250ml Syrup bottle.
  • The gas can also be replenished through the Brand’s retail partners. However, the machine still maintains the capacity to accommodate higher volumes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient – Though lower in terms of volume, it still affords the same quick and thorough carbonation provided by its more expensive cousin.
  • Easy to use – Easy to install and operate through a convenient water bottle compartment and activation button.
  • Great price – It comes with a mid-range price tag which can resonate very well with limited budgets.
  • Great service – Just like the previous Mr. Butler product, there seems to be ample provision of gas replenishment for those living close to the company’s retail partners.
  • Great build quality and construction – It comes in with durable material and a commendable construction for frequent usage.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Lower PET bottle volume.
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5. Mr. Butler Soda maker white – High capacity

Mr. Butler Soda maker white
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The last slot on the list goes to another Mr. Butler’s model, thus sealing the brand as one of the most dominant forces when it comes to soda makers. It is known for its convenience, performance, and utter reliability. Let’s have a walk-through.

Main Features
  • The model preserves the typical Mr. Butlers design, which incorporates a compact upright build with a water bottle compartment stacked in the middle.
  • The semi-transparent frontal surface provides visual access to the interior for visual feedback.
  • Unlike the previous product, this pack comes with a single 1L pet bottle and a gas cylinder that pushes the maximum soda output a little further.
  • Unlike the previous devices from the same brand, the gas cylinder can stretch the maximum production up to 35 liters of soda, which is considerably high. 
  • Once empty, you can also refill the cylinder at a nearby retail partner. 
PROS (What we liked)
  • Great capacity – A 1-liter bottle is great enough for any top-notch device.
  • Easy to use – It comes in with a few minute installation processes and a As is the case with other Butlers devices, the Carbon dioxide refilling can be a hassle for those not in close proximity with the designated retail partners.  rather quick carbonation process
  • Durable – Cohesively built with highly resistant material.
  • Reasonable price tag – Like the previous model, it comes with a reasonable mid-range price tag to appeal to a wider range of budgets.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • As is the case with other Butlers devices, the Carbon dioxide refilling can be a hassle for those not in close proximity with the designated retail partners.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you go about cleaning the soda maker?

Effective cleaning of the soda maker involves meticulous attention to its key components. Let’s go through how you can go about cleaning each component.

The bottle

Bottles are not dishwasher safe. Thus they need a lot of attention. In fact, they are usually the most unhygienic component of most people’s devices. Firstly, you need to rinse all the remaining soda from the bottle with warm water. Secondly, add a small amount of dish soap into the bottle, then pour in some warm water before shaking and swirling the bottle vigorously.

Once you notice that the bottle is filled with bubbles, leave it for about 10-20 minutes. After this, rinse the bottle again until it’s free of any soap. At this point, you can take out the bottle in a dish rack for further drying.

The Machine

The machine is quite easier to clean than bottles. Firstly, use a damp cloth to swipe any impurity off the surface of the machine. A little soap to the damp cloth can be great, but it’s not usually absolutely necessary.

Also, ensure that you reach all the crevices, nooks, and corners for complete coverage. If you happen to use some soap, make sure you re-wipe it to get the soap removed. After this, you can then dry it with another dry cloth or simply let it air-dry on its own.

Removing smell and stains

Soda maker bottles can take up some unpleasant smell after a period of usage. Most of the smell comes from the build-up of some bacteria inside, and the first step of taking care of this is by filling the bottle with warm water and then pouring in some lemon juice.

The lemon and warm water create an acidic environment that is unideal for bacterial survival. The lemon juice will also help with neutralizing the smell caused by the microorganisms. 

If the stains and smell are too strong, you can use a specially-prepared bottle scrubber. Just ensure that whatever you get is not too aggressive as these can create tiny scratches inside the bottle, which can be good breeding grounds for bacteria.

Always be sure to avoid overly aggressive chemicals with the water bottles for the simple reason that this is a place where you store something you consume. Any residues of strong chemicals may pose some serious health concerns on top of compromising the integrity of your bottle.

Again, never put the bottle into dishwashers for the sole reason that they are usually made of PET plastic, which can easily disintegrate in the dishwasher. They can simply not hold against the elevated temperature. Glass bottles are the only exception as they are strong enough to hold against the high-temperature levels.

2. Can you carbonate drinks other than water?

Yes, you can carbonate drinks like coffee, wine, fruit juices, tea, cocktails, and various other liquors. Though not everything would taste good with bubbles, you can try your own version of carbonated drinks.

3. Can you re-carbonate flat drinks?

Yes, you can theoretically. Mostly these machines are for carbonation water only. If you try to re-carbonate drinks other than water it might frizz a lot and might mess up your kitchen!


Getting your hands on the best soda makers requires basic knowledge on how they work, their benefits, key factors to consider during the buying process, and the best models on the market.

To summarise, soda makers are able to come up with whatever drink you may produce through carbonation, which is essentially a process where carbon dioxide is pumped into pure water which may be mixed with a range of flavors to achieve the desired taste.

Key benefits include lower annual expenditures, environmental safety, impeccable convenience, and greater control over what goes on into your drinks.

Key factors to look out for include carbonation style, refills, carafes, capacity, and mixing fluids. A number of products from the current market offer some of the best feature sets, and some of them have been identified through our review, thus providing another anchoring point to your decision-making process. We wish you all the best!


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