Best Carpets for Home in India

A beautifully laid-out carpet at your home not only enhances the looks of your home interiors but also magnifies the feel of the space.

An exquisitely crafted carpet flooring provides immense warmth and cushion for years. It adds new dimensions to your home comfort. It leaves your friends and guests awe-struck by its enchanting appearance and fetches complements effortlessly.

To consider multiple factors like size, material, colours, etc., before buying a carpet is perplexing, to say the least. Don’t worry! We have got you covered with our in-depth Buyer’s guide, reviews of the top 6 carpets, and FAQs; so that you can make the best pick.

Tips for Using Carpets

  • Ensure that the style and design of your chosen carpet matches your home interiors
  • While laying the carpet in the living area, keep the front legs of the sofa or other furniture on the carpet
  • Vacuum your carpets at regular intervals to maintain optimal hygiene and cleanliness
  • Ensure your chosen carpet has the perfect balance of durability and softness

Buyer’s Guide

Carpeting Areas

To begin with, you need to decide about the areas of the house that need carpeting. Depending upon whether you would like to carpet only one room or the entire house, you need to procure different carpets for different rooms.

The high-traffic areas of your house, such as rooms, hallways, staircases, etc., that are located next to outside doors, require closed-loop carpet style.

However, low-traffic areas like your bedroom need plush piles or textured plush carpeting for providing enhanced comfort.

Let’s briefly discuss the type of carpets that are suitable for different rooms.

  • Durable, fade and stain-resistant, and easy to maintain carpets work great for areas that receive high footfall traffic, like your living room.
  • A decorative silk carpet, hand-knotted, or shag carpet is suitable for your sitting area near the sofa.
  • The brightly coloured, low pile, or high pile carpets beautify the dining area’s charm and adds royal elegance to it.
  • A woollen, light-coloured, and low pile carpet is best suitable for providing luxurious comfort in the bedroom. It is easy to clean and boosts the aesthetics of the room.
  • A golden brown or maroon-coloured carpet, silk carpet, or Kashmiri Kaleen works great for providing a vintage appearance to your study room as it creates the perfect ambience for study.
  • A full room carpet with cool and lighter shades is suitable for a meeting room or formal settings. Such carpets should be stain and dust-resistant.


Once you have finalized the carpeting areas, the next step is to determine the size of the carpet you would require. Measure the area where you would place your carpet, and then choose the carpet size accordingly.

You would require a large carpet for flooring the living room, dining room, or meeting hall. A medium-sized carpet works great for your bedroom or sitting areas. Similarly, a small-sized carpet is suitable for the entrance or outdoor patio.

Also, determine if you would like to keep your sofa, almirah, or other furniture on the carpet or off the carpet. This would lead to an increase or decrease in the size of your carpet.


The carpets are available in almost all the colour. You may choose the colour as per your taste and preferences. You should go for a carpet colour that easily blends with any décor, furniture, wall colour, bedding, etc.

Some of the popular carpet colours include shades of tan, beige, taupe, and other neutral colours.

If you have a blue and green décor, choose a cool grey carpet and pick a warm grey carpet for red, yellow, and brown décor. If you like to hide debris and dirt between vacuuming, then go for a flecked carpet.

Material Type

The carpets come in various materials, including wool, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and cotton. Ensure that your carpet material provides the desired level of comfort and cushion.

Choose a carpet material that is not only durable and functional but also improves the décor of your home or office interiors. The carpets are usually manufactured from either natural or synthetic fibres.

  • Woollen carpets are widely used for carpet flooring due to their super-softness and natural flame resistance. These carpets can easily withstand heavy foot traffic and provide excellent stain resistance.
  • Polyester carpets provide excellent softness and texture for providing enhanced comfort. It is a stain-resistant and fade-resistant material that can be made into a cut loop. It is suitable for placing in your playroom and bedroom.
  • Nylon carpets are popular for their durability, versatility, flexibility, and resilience. These are prepared from synthetic fibres and come in varieties of styles and patterns.
  • Acrylic carpets are a great substitute for woollen carpets at affordable costs. These carpets are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant.
  • Cotton carpets are prepared from soft fibres and are ideally suited for placing in medium-traffic areas. It is an easy to clean, fade-resistant but expensive carpet.

Additionally, the other common materials used in the manufacturing of carpets include olefin, triexta, pure silk, and sisal.


The density of a carpet depends on the number of fibres and how tightly these are knitted to form the tuffs. If you are looking to buy a carpet for high-traffic areas such as stairs or hallway, it is important to get a high-density carpet.


The weight of the carpet is related to its density. The carpets with short, durable, and dense fibres are heavy, while the carpets with longer strands and loops are lightweight. Choose a durable and heavy carpet that provides long-lasting performance.


The carpets are manufactured using the twist technique that involves twisting the fibres for maximizing their durability and structure. The carpets with a higher twist per inch (TPI) are more durable. Ensure to buy a carpet with a higher TPI.

Carpet Style

The most popular carpet styles include loop pile, cut pile, plush, textured plush, shag, cut loop, velvet, etc. The style of a carpet is determined by the fibres stuck to its back. It impacts the durability and aesthetics of the carpet.

  • The textured pattern style is designed for providing bold and contemporary looks to your carpets. This pattern is prepared from a mix of cut piles and closed loops. It forms various shapes that range from floral designs to popular geometric shapes.
  • The plush pile carpet is suitable for providing elegant and classic looks to your carpets. It imparts a dense, soft, and velvety surface for excellent cushioning beneath your feet. It is suitable for low-traffic and comfort-focused areas like living rooms, bedrooms, etc.
  • The loop pile carpet style involves the fibres forming little loops stuck to the carpet’s backing. Depending on the number and size of the loops, these loops can be tall, short, loose, or tight. It is a durable style that is suitable for high traffic areas.
  • The cut carpet style features frayed fibres that are stuck to the backing. It is suitable for high-traffic areas due to its improved durability.
  • The plush or velvet style is meant for low-traffic areas and provides luxurious comfort with enhanced softness.
  • The cut-loop style combines the cut pile and loop yarns for providing enhanced durability. This style makes the carpet plush and soft while maintaining its denseness and durability. It comes in multi-colour effects of squares, chevrons, and swirls.

In addition to the above styles, the other commonly used carpet styles are Saxony, frieze, twist pile, shag, and low pile carpet.


A carpet is not something you buy every other month. It keeps you company for years. That’s why it is necessary to choose a carpet that is easy to maintain.

Most of the carpets are easily cleaned by vacuuming. With proper care, you can extend the life of your carpet.


Rather than purchasing the entire carpet, you may buy carpet tiles. These tiles come in attractive patterns and styles such as abstracts, mosaic, etc. Using carpet tiles is an easy way of carpeting your floors and enhancing your office or home’s beauty.

These tiles are easy to install, manoeuvre, and replace if required. Moreover, these tiles are sturdily built for long-lasting performance. Choose the carpet tiles if you are not interested in purchasing the complete carpet.


Your budget is an important factor to consider. Don’t get lured by cheap quality carpets available at lower costs. Your investment in a good quality carpet will serve you long-life and proves economical in the long run.

Ensure that you get the best quality carpet that is available in your budget.

Best Carpets in India

1. Dailz Ethnic Velvet Touch Abstract Chenille Carpet

Dailz is a renowned online store that focuses on complementing your home décor collection with its range of sophisticated products like carpets, bed-sheets, and door-curtains. Its products boost the aesthetics of your living space.

The chenille carpet by Dailz features an abstract and ethnic design that adds a new flair to home flooring. It is an extra soft carpet that has a velvety touch for ensuring enhanced and luxurious comfort.

Main Features
  • Prepared from high-quality polyester chenille fabric as the primary material that reflects its own natural magnificence
  • Measures 7.6 feet X 4.5 feet (140 cm x 200 cm) in dimensions
  • Comes in a luxurious bright maroon colour that adds a touch of royal elegance to your floors crafted with advanced machines and highlights charming velvety finishing
  • Easy-to-maintain carpet that ensures long-lasting usage
  • Suitable for professional cleaning by using machines
PROS (What we liked)
  • This carpet can be easily carried and handled
  • It is suitable for outdoor usage when going for picnics
  • It makes for an excellent gifting idea on various occasions
  • Its eye-catching appearance and perfect size make it an ideal carpet for placing anywhere in your home
  • It is a durable, strong, and soft carpet that easily blends with almost any type of décor
  • Its traditional abstract design relieves your tiredness every time you walk on its surface.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a very light and thin carpet

2. Zara Carpets Hand Made Carpet

Zara Carpets storefront brings elegant carpets with ethnic designs for enhancing the beauty of your floors. These carpets are designed for effortless blending with neutral colours and any type of décor or home interiors.

This export-quality carpet by Zara Carpets is hand-woven and serves as a decorative piece for making a style statement. It is one of the best carpets and is prepared using the finest wool and features skilled workmanship.

Main Features
  • Hand-tufted wool rug that is prepared using high-quality New Zealand wool for ensuring comfortable cotton backing
  • Measures medium 0.5-inch pile height that perfectly fits underneath furniture
  • Designed to provide superior plushness and softness
  • Effectively reduces noise in high-traffic areas of the home for providing your peace of mind
  • Comes with an anti-slip backing that sticks to the surface for preventing slippage for the elderly and kids
  • Durable construction that provides long-lasting usage for many years
  • Sturdy cotton canvas backing that is suitable for high-traffic areas
  • Prepared from 100-per cent wool that combines durability with softness
PROS (What we liked)
  • This hand-tufted woollen rug features a unique and floral-inspired trellis pattern for adding contemporary décor to your home
  • It features New Zealand wool that does not shed even after prolonged usage
  • Its defining details make it suitable for blending with any styles of décor including transitional, contemporary, and traditional styles
  • Its genuine colours don’t get faded even after several years
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed so far.

3. SRHandloom Modern Shaggy Carpet Rug

Shree handloom is based out of Panipat city in Haryana. It is an established handloom brand that manufactures, supplies, and exports a wide array of high-quality carpets and doormats, including polyester carpets, shag carpets, and other handloom products.

This indoor modern shag carpet by Shree handloom features an elegant contemporary design that adds an urban touch to your home décor. It is an exquisitely designed functional and decorative rug that enhances the beauty of living space effortlessly.

Main Features
  • Multi-coloured carpet rug that is prepared from polyester and polyester blend
  • Rectangular shaped rug that measures 2 feet x 3 feet in dimensions
  • Features 4D design and modern pattern that exudes sophisticated and urbane vibes
  • Comes with an anti-slip backing feature that provides robust strength and enhanced durability for long-lasting usage
  • Easy to maintain and clean by regular vacuuming, hands-washing, or machine washing; for removing debris and providing the shinier appearance
  • Features hand-tufted weaving and shag pile height
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is 4D traditional polyester rug brings about stunning transformation to your home interiors
  • It easily blends with any home décor, including your living room, entryway, and bedroom
  • It features perfectly finished edges that add a beautiful touch to your home flooring
  • It is a durable rug that provides improved stability and efficiency
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The carpet is not as attractive as in the images

4. Status 3D Printed Carpet

Status contract is a popular online store on Amazon that manufactures and supplies appealing home decorative items. Its product range comprises runners, doormats, bathmats, cushions, carpets, rugs, blankets, prayer mats, etc.

It is a 3D-printed carpet that is prepared from tough nylon material for providing long-lasting performance. This attractive doormat is suitable for a wide range of places, including your lobby room, bedroom door, pooja room door, etc.

Main Features
  • Measures 3×5 feet in dimensions
  • Features rectangular shape and attractive printed design
  • Features skin-friendly design that provides effective resilience against daily wear and tears
  • Comes in neutral and natural tones that make it a suitable rug for both casual and formal settings
PROS (What we liked)
  • It features a beautiful red floral pattern that boosts the décor of your home interiors
  • Its enhanced durability makes it an ideal rug for use in high-traffic areas of your home, including the living room, entry-way, etc
  • This rug can be easily cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner or wiping it with a dry cloth
  • Its sturdy and non-slip backing does not fade away easily and provides safety for your kids and elders
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality could be better for the price

5. Be Wild Handwoven Jute Square Rug

Be Wild storefront deals in home furnishing products that convert your home into a true heavenly abode. It provides a large collection of durable rugs that feature stylish themes and trendy colours.

Be Wild handwoven jute square rug is perfectly suited for almost any space in your home, including the entryway, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, patio, etc.

It comes in various sizes, and it is sturdily built for easily withstanding any harsh conditions.

Main Features
  • Prepared from high-quality 100% jute material
  • Features perfect rectangular shape that measures 2 feet x 3 feet in dimensions
  • Comes with braided and handwoven construction that looks great
  • Reversible carpet with a double-sided design that provides comfortable and convenient usage for long periods
  • Suitable for only spot cleaning for removing stains and requires regular vacuuming
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a versatile jute rug that can be used for decorating a balcony, landscaping garden, or carpeting various floors inside your home
  • It comes in attractive bright colours that easily hide the dirt in between cleanings
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality could be better

6. Carpet Collection Shaggy Modern Rug

Carpet Collection brings an awesome collection of carpets that add royal elegance and provide luxurious comfort for every space in your home. These carpets provide a vintage touch and improve the aesthetics of your home and offices.

This modern rug by Carpet collection provides super-softness as an accent rug to liven up your bedroom and living room. It can be applied to various places in your home including entryways, living room, dining room, bedroom, kids’ playroom, hall, etc.

Main Features
  • Plush carpet that provides luxurious looks to any living space
  • Comes in a wide variety of modern and enchanting colours that hold the room together
  • Designed for easy vacuuming and spot cleaning for removing stains due to its dense pile
  • Thick and heavy carpet that stays in its place and avoids incidents of slipping
  • Measures 3×5 feet (90 x 150 cm) in dimensions and comes in attractive beige colour
  • Handwoven rectangular carpet that is prepared from micro-silk fiber and features a solid pattern
PROS (What we liked)
  • It provides a cozy softness for keeping your feet warm
  • It is a soft and vibrant carpet that provides great fun for kids
  • This thick shag has small bumps on the back for preventing sliding
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A little expensive for its size


1. What carpet is in style?

Some of the trendy and stylish carpeting include wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, carpet tiles, water-proof carpeting, frieze carpeting, handmade rugs, etc.

2. Which is the best carpet for the living room?

The best carpet for your living room is Polypropylene carpets due to their enhanced durability, stain-resistant, and fade-resistance properties.

Moreover, woolen carpets are also popular for installing in the living room due to their extreme softness, rich appearance, and natural stain-resistance.

3. How to install a carpet?

The two common ways of installing carpets are carpet padding and carpet tile.

Carpet Padding ensures that your floors feel more cushioned and comfortable. It adds sound insulation and heat insulation. Moreover, the carpet padding may also feature water-proofing so that you don’t have to worry in case of accidental water spillage.

Carpet Tile is a sort of DIY floor carpet installation that involves gluing and sticking the tiles on the area where you want to install the carpet. By using the adhesive the tiles stay in their place and avoid curling.


Buying a carpet requires a bit of brainstorming. After all, a well-chosen carpet stays cynosure of all eyes for many years. It brings an elegant touch to your home space and gives a luxurious feeling at every step in your heavenly abode.

Beautifying your home with aesthetically pleasing carpets is a costly affair that you do once in 7-10 years. Thus, you need to get the carpet flooring done perfectly. It should match the theme and décor of your existing home interiors.

Our pick among the best carpets in India is DAILZ Ethnic Velvet Touch Abstract Chenille Carpet due to its regal flair, bright colours, velvet finishing, and easy maintenance.


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