15 Android Accessories and Compatible Gadgets for Your Smartphone

Modern-day smartphones are nothing short of sophisticated, state-of-art, revolutionary tech gadgets bundled with several great features like high-resolution cameras, millions of awesome apps, high-end games, advanced hardware and operating systems, etc.

So, when you get your new smartphone, it serves as a great utility and entertainment package. However, you can boost the capability of your smartphone several notches higher with a wide range of tech accessories and compatible gadgets.

Whether you are looking for something exceptional to go with your new phone or searching for a cool gift for a mobile freak buddy or family member, smartphone accessories are the ideal choice.

This article will discuss 15 cool accessories optimized for either android smartphones or all types of phones in general.

VR Headset

virtual reality set is an exceptional smartphone accessory that allows you to immerse yourself in a new world filled with the thrills of virtual reality.

Virtual reality is touted as the futuristic technology, and VR headset serves as a perfect entry point to foray into the virtual world.

A VR headset may look like a tech-advanced gadget, but it is available at affordable prices. The VR headsets work with most android smartphones.

Gaming Controller

Most modern smartphones are equipped with advanced gaming functionality. Get yourself a gaming controller compatible with your smartphone so that you can enjoy realistic gaming experiences.

A gaming controller provides a classic gaming experience while playing favourite Android games. It features a comfortable grip, realistic vibration feedback, and impressive battery life to keep you engaged for hours.

Camera Lens Kit

Being an enthusiastic phone photographer, won’t you love to capture breathtaking landscape images or scenic photos with your smartphone?

A high-quality camera lens kit comes in handy in such scenarios. It enables you to capture detailed close-ups with a wide-angle lens and a 10x macro lens.

You can clip the camera lens to your smartphone and align it with its camera for capturing high-quality pictures effortlessly on the go.

Portable Photo Printer

Isn’t it amazing to print photos captured with your smartphone through a portable photo printer? It’s a convenient smartphone accessory that lets you print images easily and quickly from the phone gallery. Moreover, you can also share your photos with your friends.

Running Armband 

A running band works great for holding your expensive smartphone and ensures optimal safety while carrying it. It is generally compatible with most smartphones. It comes with a

sophisticated elastic band for providing non-obtrusive comfort.

A running armband comprises reflective borders for providing enhanced safety in the night and features a small pocket for holding its key.

Portable Speaker

Being an ardent music lover, you would love to have a portable speaker compatible with your smartphone. A portable Bluetooth speaker enables you to carry it anywhere you go and enjoy your music at its best.

With a portable speaker, you can never miss fun elements at outdoor parties. It is sturdily built to withstand the weather elements like sun, water, wind, etc.

Compact Selfie Stick

There isn’t a better way to capture memorable moments with your close buddies or family members than taking selfies with them. A compact selfie stick is an ideal smartphone accessory that allows you to take photos of your entire group.

A selfie stick is light and durable stick that features an ergonomic handle for easy manoeuvring. In addition, it comes with long battery life so that you never miss out on capturing any images.

Charging Cables

A pair of long and efficient charging cables come very handily for charging your smartphone at different locations. The braided charging cables ensure enhanced durability and avoid tangling like regular cables.

Get yourself charging cables that look aesthetically pleasing and ensure efficient charging of smartphones with USB-C ports.

Car Mount

A flexible car mount for holding your smartphone not only holds your phone securely on the dashboard but also charges your phone. Choose a well-designed car mount that comes with a long telescopic arm and pivots on a wide arc for improved readability and easy access.

Selfie Flashlight

This smartphone accessory is designed for selfie-freaks who love to take selfies, but their phone’s front camera doesn’t have a flash. Although this accessory is suitable for the only front camera and doesn’t work with the rear camera, it’s an excellent accessory to have in your kitty.

Solar Charger

Most households in India receive plenty of sunlight throughout the year. Thus, it’s a great idea to use solar power for charging your smartphone. A solar charger is an innovative accessory for charging your phone by utilizing the power of the sun.

It ensures that your phone stays charged 24 by 7, and you won’t need any backup battery while travelling for extended periods.

Zoom Lens

Every photo enthusiast would love to have a zoom lens compatible with their smartphones. This accessory provides up to 8X zoom for a smartphone’s camera. However, this does not replace your DSLR but allows you to capture amazing moments anytime with your smartphone.

True Wireless Earbuds

A pair of comfortable and high-quality earbuds is a must-have smartphone accessory that shuts the outside noise and gives you the convenience of hands-free and wire-free communication or entertainment.

Go for truly wireless earbuds that look amazingly beautiful and feature excellent sound quality. It serves as an ideal companion during travelling or multitasking.

Stylus Pen

If your smartphone features a large screen, you may need a stylus pen. It comes with various replacement tips and enables you to write handwritten notes quickly on the smartphone screen. Moreover, it provides more sanitary usage as compared to bare fingers.

Bluetooth Keyboard

It gets tedious to type important reports or emails on your smartphone screen. To overcome this issue, you may get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard that enables you to do typing without mistakes.

Moreover, a light and portable Bluetooth keyboard provide the convenience of efficient and accurate working with your smartphone.

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