Why Is Air Conditioner Leaking Water And Freezing Up?

Modern air conditioners require very little maintenance and are hassle-free. Despite that, there could be a few issues that you might come across while using your air conditioner. 

One of the issues you are very likely to encounter is your air conditioner leaking water and freezing up. 

What Causes Leaking Of Water In The Air Conditioner?

There could be a number of reasons why water could be leaking in your AC unit. 

Your air conditioner cools the room through the condensation process. During the condensation process, water droplets are formed on the coil, which drips into a water collection tray in normal circumstances. 

Your air conditioner forming these water droplets is very normal. It is a sign that your air conditioner is functioning the way it should. 

The problem is not the formation of water droplets, but what happens to these water droplets after that.

Clogged Drain Pipe

Water collected in the tray usually drains through a drain pipe. The water goes out of the building or your property, depending on how the drainpipe is installed.

 If the drainpipe is blocked due to the collection of dust and debris, you need to clear the drain pipe to stop the water from dripping inside your house.

It is best to call an AC technician to service the AC so that you could establish that it has to do with blocked drainpipe. Do not attempt to clean the drainpipe yourself. 

Poorly Maintained Air Filter

In some instances, you will notice water dripping from your AC and freezing water over the coil. 

This is a clear sign that the air filter in your air conditioner is poorly maintained. If the air filter in your AC unit is clogged with dust and dirt, it will not allow adequate air into the unit. Learn how to clean and maintain your AC

When the hot air from the room is not blown over the air conditioner coil, it will become too cold, and the condensed water freezes. When you switch off the AC unit, the frozen water melts and starts leaking.

Here again, you need to call your AC technician to clean the filter. 

Regularly servicing your air conditioner and cleaning the filters will save you from this problem.

Inadequate Refrigerant Level

For any cooling device, the refrigerant level reduces over a period of time. If you are running an old air conditioner, then it is very likely that the refrigerant level has dropped or the refrigerant is leaking. 

This will reduce the pressure in the AC unit leading to freezing and further leakage of water when the water melts.

Get your AC mechanic to fix this problem. It is possible to refill the refrigerant. 

However, if your air conditioner is too old, then refilling the refrigerant will only be a stop-gap solution. Within a short time, you will face this issue again.

When you notice your air conditioner’s effectiveness has reduced or if you hear unusual noise from your AC unit, then you should get your AC mechanic to check the refrigerant level.  

Other Reasons

Water could leak from your AC unit due to other reasons too. 

For example, the water collection tray could be damaged, and holes are formed due to rust formation. In such instances, you may need to replace the tray to stop the water leaking.

In some AC units, an additional pump is installed to pump the water out of the AC’s water collection tray, especially when the water outlet is above the level of the AC unit. 

In such cases, if your pump fails to work, the water collected in the tray will overflow and start dripping. 

You would be required to service the pump or replace it to prevent water leakage within the house.

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Turning On?

Followed by leakage of water and freezing up of AC coils, is your AC unit also not turning on? This could be associated with your AC leakage issue. 

When the water is leaking in your AC or when the refrigerant level is low, your AC unit may not turn on. 

When you service the AC and clear the above issues, your air conditioner will switch on again. While repairing the AC, your AC mechanic will be able to establish whether this issue is connected with the water leakage problem or due to the low refrigerant levels. 

There could also be a number of other reasons why your AC may fail to turn. It could be due to the tripping of the main switch, issues with your power socket, a loose connection in power lines or wiring, or due to several other issues.


If your air conditioner fails to turn on after an episode of leakage of water, it is likely connected with the water leakage issues discussed above. 

Let your AC mechanic diagnose the problems and recommend proper solutions. Do not attempt to service your own AC if you are not a qualified AC technician yourself.

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