Hindware Elara 7-Litre RO+UV Water Purifier

The Hindware Elara RO+UV water purifier has a stylish and elegant design that enhances the look of your contemporary kitchen. It comes with highly-efficient filters that ensure safe and clean drinking water at all times. The purified water gets stored in the in-built 7-liter storage tank for immediate access. It comes with a detachable cover that protects the stored water from impurities.

The water purifier is capable of removing TDS up to 1800 ppm. Also, the water obtained is healthy and safe for consumption. Here we have provided an in-depth analysis of the Hindware Elara for a better understanding.


5-Stage Purification (RO+UV)

The 5-stage purification process involves a sediment filter that removes fine particles, dust, sand, mud, etc. from the water. The pre-carbon filter removes chemicals and chlorine while the RO membrane eliminates dissolved salts, heavy metals, and disease-causing micro-organisms.

The water is then passed through a UV lamp, which sterilizes it further. The final stage is the post-carbon filter. It polishes and enhances the taste of the water.

7 Liters Storage Tank

The water purifier comes with a 7-liter storage tank that fulfills your daily requirements. The detachable cover protects the purified water from impurities. It also makes it convenient to use.

TDS Removal

It is capable of purifying water from different sources. The highly efficient RO membrane can remove TDS up to 1800 ppm.

Smart LED Indicators

It features three smart LED indicators that enable you to monitor the entire water purification process. The red light indicates that the water purifier is on, yellow indicates the purification is in process, and green indicates the tank is full.

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What Do We like

High-Performance Filters

The water purifier is designed using high-performance filters that ensure safe and purified drinking water. The aesthetically designed filters are constructed using genuine parts. Hence, the water obtained is healthy and hygienic.

Stylish and Elegant

The dual white and black color of the water purifier ensures a stylish look. It has a glossy and elegant finishing that allows it to blend in any modern kitchen perfectly.

What We Don’t Like

A lot of water gets wasted during the purification process. Wasted water must be utilized for cleaning purposes.


This is an ideal choice for every contemporary kitchen. The stylish and elegant design makes it blend perfectly well with the aesthetics of your home decor. Also, it is designed with high-performance filters that ensure healthy and safe drinking water for your family.

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