Blue Star Prisma PR4WHAM01 4.2-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier Review

The Blue Star Prisma utilizes RO+UV technology for the purification of water. The RO membrane eliminates heavy metals, dissolved salts, and micro-organisms from the water. The UV lamp further sterilizes it. The purification process also includes a taste enhancer that allows you to feel the refreshment with every sip of water.

The stylish and cute model blends perfectly well with your contemporary kitchen. It is a suitable choice for a small family because of its compact storage tank. The water stored in the tank is kept free from slime and impurities.

Here we provide a detailed review of the Blue Star Prisma water purifier.

5 Stage Purification (RO+UV)

Blue Star Prisma purifies water through a 5 stage purification process. It involves a sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO membrane, post-carbon filter, and a UV lamp. During the procedure, suspended impurities, dust, sand, and other minute particles are eliminated from the water.

The RO membrane removes dissolved salts, chemicals, heavy metals, and micro-organisms from the water. The large stage comprises the UV lamp that prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, and cysts in the water.

Purification Capacity- 250 Liters/Day

The highly efficient RO membrane and UV lamp purifies water at the rate of 250 liters per day. This ensures an adequate supply of filtered water for you and your family.

Compact Storage Tank

It comes with a compact storage tank having a capacity of 4.2 liters. This saves space in your kitchen. It stores sufficient drinking water for a small family.

1-Liter Smart Selection Function

This water purifier comes with a 1-liter smart selection function. The feature enables you to dispense 1 liter of purified water with a single press. It ensures immediate access to drinking water at all times.

Anti-Stagnant Ripple Technology

An advanced anti-stagnant ripple technology powers the storage tank. It prevents stored water from being stagnant. Hence, it prevents the formation of slime so that the water remains safe for consumption.

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What Do We like

Easy and Convenient Operation

The electronic dispensing button makes the operation of this purifier easy and convenient. It also comes with touch sensors that allow you to quickly choose between hot, cold, or ambient temperature options.

High TDS Removal

It is capable of purifying water with a high TDS level. The purification process can easily remove up to 96% of TDS and other dissolved impurities. Hence, it ensures drinking water that is safe and pure for consumption.

Minimizes Water Wastage

It recovers water up to 33%, reducing water wastage. The purifier also comes with a full tank indicator that notifies you when the tank is full. Hence, it helps in the conservation of water.

Taste Enhancer

The taste enhancer removes volatile compounds, foul taste, and smell from the water. This enhances the taste of the water. It allows you to feel the taste of refreshment in every sip.

Stylish Design

The cute and elegant design of the water purifier makes it stand-out in any kitchen. The elegance of the model enhances the aesthetics of your contemporary home decor.

What We Don’t Like

Not suitable for large families

The compact storage tank comes with a capacity of 4.2 liters. This is not sufficient for a large family. A large family would require higher storage capacity for access to drinking water.


The Blue Star Prisma comes with a compact storage tank of 4.2 liters, making it an ideal option for small families. It ensures a double-layered RO+UV purification process that provides safe and pure drinking water. Also, the water stored in the tank is kept free from slime and other contaminants.

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