IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Aqua Washing Machine Review

The IFB TL-RDW washing machine has a capacity of 6.5kg and is great for a family of five. It has enough washing programs that are best for washing all fabric types. The washing machine is designed with pulsator technology that effectively removes stains from all fabrics without damaging your clothes. This washing machine is one of the best you can find in the market today. Another great feature of this front loading washing machine is its hot water inlet pipe. It also comes in a variety of colors and you can choose anyone you prefer.

Large LED Display

You can tell what stage of washing the machine has reached and how much time is remaining for your clothes to get properly cleaned.

Wash Timer Delay

This washing machine also allows you to set your timer between 60 minutes to 24 hours.

Memory Backup

When you experience a power outage, the washing machine will continue from where it stopped instead of starting your washing process from the beginning because of its memory backup.

Stain Removal

There are soft scrub pads that will remove stubborn stains and with the added benefit of the powerful swirl jets, your clothes will be very clean.

Triadic Pulsator

The Triadic Pulsator is a very strong engine in the IFB TL-RDW washing machine that makes sure you have clean and sparkling clothes.

Aqua Spa Therapy

This washing machine has unique washing programs that will cleanse and pamper your clothes. The aqua spa therapy will make sure that your fabric is given adequate care whenever you wash your clothes.

Aqua Energie

The Aqua Energie is an in-built device that helps to dissolve your detergent properly in your clothes to prevent detergent residue from hiding between your clothes.

3D Wash System

When you have stubborn stains that need special attention, the 3D wash system soaks your clothes to soften the dirt in the fabric so it completely removes when washing.

Auto Softener Dispenser

This IFB washing machine has a separate softener dispenser compartment that lets you add your fabric softener to your clothes before washing.

Auto Balance System

This sensor can quickly detect when your clothes are not properly placed in the tub to allow washing and it immediately corrects its position.

High Low Voltage Protection

When you are experiencing fluctuations in your power, the washing machine immediately pauses itself and will only resume when your light stabilizes.

Six Wash Programs

There are six different washing programs on this washing machine. The washing programs can also be customized which means that you can adjust the water, decide to wash or even rinse your clothes when you want. If you don’t want to change any of the washing settings, the washing machine will automatically set the time and water level for the clothes.

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What Do We like

6 Wash Programs

You can choose from any of the multiple wash programs to wash all types of clothes. The washing programs are designed to wash any type of fabric without harming them.

Deep Cleaning

Its Triadic Pulsator technology is very effective as it cleans your fabrics thoroughly. It removes every dirt hiding in the clothes without damaging your clothes.

Customizable Wash Programs

You can decide to wash your clothes any way you want without having to stick with the machine’s automatic programs.

Child Lock

The child lock function protects your settings on the washing machine in case your kids touch it. You don’t need to worry about anyone tampering with the washing settings.

What We Don’t Like

Lock System

The washing machine is great and the only observable pitfall is the absence of a lock system for the outlet pipe.


The IFB TL-RDW front loading washing machine is a recommended product for any home. It has excellent washing programs that will guarantee you get clean clothes at the end of every wash. The washing machine has very useful features like the Triadic Pulsator technology, the time delay and other settings that make it easy to wash your clothes.

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