BPL W65S22A 6.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

The 6.5kg BPL washing machine can wash your clothes, other home items like your curtains, covers and even delicate fabrics. The 6.5kg capacity will be able to serve up to 3 members. The washer has a powerful motor that can take a lot of washing every day. BPL washing machines are strong and can handle tough work.

The semi-automatic washing machine is built with stainless steel that is rust free and strong. It also has a stainless steel tub that will give your clothes a healthy wash free from bacteria and allergens. 

2 Wash Programs

The 6.5kg BPL washing machine comes with two basic wash programs. The wash programs are already preprogrammed to care for all types of fabrics.

LED Display

This washing machine has a digital display that allows you to easily navigate the controls on the washing machine and also select various wash settings


This BPL washing machine allows you to soak your clothes using its pre-soak timer. You can soak your clothes in the tub for a couple of minutes before the washing machine will begin to wash. The soaking helps to remove tough stains on heavily soiled clothes.


The 6.5kg washing machine comes with a high-speed motor that has a spin speed of 1300rpm. The fast spin will give your clothes lesser drying time.

Air Drier

This washing machine also comes with an air dryer aside from its washing function. The dryer will have your clothes ready and properly dried in a few minutes.

Spin Shower

The spin shower sprinkles water on your clothes during rinsing. The water will go around your clothes to remove all detergent residue until your clothes are properly rinsed with water.

Transparent Glass

You can see everything going on inside the tub through the transparent lid of the washing machine.

Outlet Hose

The hose can be connected on either side of the BPL washing machine. The outlet hose is provided to save you the costs and stress of installing a drainage pipe for the washing machine.

Double Layered Plastic

The washing machine is designed with double layered plastic to give it added protection and to make your washing machine last longer.

Collar Scrubber

The washing machine has a special collar scrubber that cleans your collars and cuffs thoroughly. The collars and cuffs are areas that usually require special attention.

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What Do We like

Fast Drying

The air dryer works so well that it completely takes away most of the time it would have taken your clothes to get dried on the line. The powerful spin of this washing machine makes clothes dry quickly.

Rust Free Stainless Steel

The stainless steel tub does not corrode and will last you for many years. 

What We Don’t Like


The washing machine is great but it can be a bit noisy.


The BPL 6.5kg washing machine is another quality washing machine from the BPL brand. The strong washing machine is also budget-friendly and will be able to handle washing all your fabric types. You will enjoy using its incredible features as they will make your washing experience great.

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