Lifeline Treadmills

Lifeline is a known brand offering a range of treadmills like manual and motorized, which has a strong built quality to meet your fitness needs.

The brand has integrated some of the amazing features that become fruitful for fitness lovers. Whatever your requirements are in terms of exercise, this treadmill can easily take care of it. 

Since this brand has only known to fulfill the needs of the fitness lovers, they have made sure to integrate some of the best treadmills in their stock to be able to offer your space for exercising.

The range of features integrated into this treadmill will proffer the best of results.  Lifeline offers a wide range of treadmills that you can buy. You can refer to our buying guide before making an investment 

Lifeline LFMANTRD 4-1 Treadmill

Lifeline LFMANTRD 4-1 Treadmill

The Lifeline LFMANTRD 4-1 is the ideal treadmill to buy for your home gym. It is a manual treadmill that ...
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Features if Lifeline Treadmills


Keeping in mind the space restriction among families, the Lifeline treadmills are integrated with the folding system. This enables you to fold the treadmill when you are done exercising and unfold whenever you want to exercise.

Therefore, you can easily keep it aside once done. 

Levels of Incline

In order to help you attain your fitness goals by an intense workout, the treadmill has been integrated with various levels of incline. This again becomes effectual for people who want to enjoy better health.

Mostly three levels of incline are being integrated into the treadmill for a great result. 

4 in 1 Manual Treadmill

The manual treadmills offered by Lifeline are a 4 in 1 machine s it offers all-round fitness training. It comes with a twister and stepper for tinning your abs and your leg muscles.

Buying this machine can save you from buying other accessories. 

Powerful 3.0Hp Motor

A powerful motor is one of the prime needs when it is about an intense regime. Keeping in mind regarding the needs, the brand has integrated a motor of 3.0 HP, which again runs to 6.0HP during the peak time.

Large LCD Screen

When it comes to exercising, you definitely need to check what exactly is happening in your body. With a giant-sized LCD screen that offers you all the details becomes a great inclusion.

Not only it shows you the information, but also it becomes motivational for people. 

Great Speed variation: 

Speed is again one of the premium needs for the users. Having provided with great speed variation like 1.0 to 18km/h, one can change speed as per their requirements.

Hence, these treadmills can serve your entire family. 

User Weight:

If you are buying just for you, then you can check only whether the treadmill can take your weight or not, but in case of family, you need to have a good maximum user weight that the machine can bear.

Keeping in mind regarding the requirements, Lifeline treadmill has included the max weight of 100kgs and more. 

So, if you are looking for a treadmill that can serve your entire family, certainly without any further thought, Lifeline treadmills can be a great inclusion. 

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