Televisions between INR 10000 – INR 20000

In this article, we provide the in-depth guide to the best televisions available in the price range of INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 from trusted brands like Samsung, Sony Bravia, Sanyo and BPL.

Are you searching for a television that can fulfill your desires within INR 20000? If yes, you have come to the right page. We can comprehend the condition of your mind right now, which is full of questions related to buying a television. Some of the most common questions that are making you perplexed are – should I buy a 32 inch TV or a 40 Inch TV? Will the picture quality be good enough at this price range? Take a break from your questions as we will cover you up with proper answers.

These days finding a TV within INR 20000 is no more a hard task. In the last few decades, the television industry has evolved from just big boxes to the ultra slim and flat TVs, from simple to the Smart TVs, from HD quality to 4K TV also lastly the curved TVs that are newly obtainable in the market. 

These high-end generation televisions are not the “Idiot box,” rather, these televisions offer great entertainment compared to the regular TV programs. With this, you can get easy access to apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. Moreover, you can also browse internet connection; keep a complete track on the social media updates along with watching the favorite sports and can play numerous games. 

With a lot of intriguing features and huge TV market, this becomes crucial to make the correct choices of TV. You have to make sure that the TV you are buying needs to serve the purposes without compromising the quality. This is the reason why to help you make the right choice, we will cover all the important sections that generally disrupts your thought of Buying a new TV. 

So sit back and relax, let us check in details about the best ways to buy televisions available below INR 20000.

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What to expect from this range of televisions?

24 to 43-inch Screen Size: 

As we all know that the huge flatscreen televisions are in demand today. Undeniably, the price point is interlinked with the size, but within a range of INR 20000, you can expect to get televisions up to 43 inches.

With a 43 inch huge television just at 20k, you can enjoy a great experience right at the convenience of your home. Well, 32 inch is a size that can fill any room, but with the 40-inch screen television, you require measuring the viewing distance. 

Here is a small tip for you, for 40-inch screen televisions, you should maintain a minimum of 5 – 8.3 feet distance. 

Full HD Television:

When it comes to buying a television at present times, you definitely will look for an HD quality television. A solid built, elegantly designed TV with HD quality picture makes it a perfect choice for the owners. At this price range, most of the TVs you will observe is of HD quality. 

This means the images will exhibit excellent color saturation and details. Therefore, no more you need to compromise on the picture quality as with the HD television you can enjoy your favorite GOT, Avengers, 2012 and other Sci-Fi movies like never before. 

LED Technology:

These days as we all know that LED TVs are in demand. Moreover, this is one of those very few TV technologies offering some of the reasonable ranged televisions in the market. When it comes to viewing angle, picture quality, and other Smart features, LED TVs have raised its bar and have exceeded its expectation bar among the people. At this price range, you can acquire the top quality LEDs available in the market. 

Ports availability: 

We all search for TVs that are more than just a box offering the daily series and movies, and this requires having additional ports. With the TVs available under 20000, you can avail a maximum of 3HDMI and 3USB ports which makes it great for attaching everything. Hence you can easily get your stuff from computer to the TV using pendrives along with connecting other things like a sound system or things that you need to create a cinematic surrounding. 

Some other televisions come with Wi-Fi connectivity features, which means that you can easily connect your TV with the internet and enjoy the features. This is generally offered by the smart TVs available at this range. 

Smart TV: 

If you are in a dilemma whether to buy a Smart TV or not at this price, then the answer is yes you can. Not many options are available in the market when it comes to buying Smart TV at this range, but some brands are still there that offer Smart TVs with some of the exceptional features. 

These TVs are integrated with the Android Operating System that can seamlessly handle all the apps and tasks. Moreover, it ensures easy casting of the phone screen to be able to manage your phone’s content like viewing videos and pictures, apps, and social networking sites. 

Viewing Angle:

When it comes to choosing a television for your home, you need to think about everyone. When it is about a huge family, you need to check for TVs that have a wide viewing angle as it will allow every member of your home to enjoy equally. 

Generally, the major issues that can be witnessed with the televisions are the members who sit on the two end corners are not able to watch tv like the person sitting on the center does. They generally tend to observe distorted images and which is why a wider viewing angle is a necessity. 

These new age TVs offer a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, thus making it possible for the families to sit and enjoy movies together. 

100Hz Refresh Rate:

Even when these are highly technical languages, the owners have to check the refresh rates as well while buying a television. When television has more refresh rate, it ensures offering a better picture with frequently refreshing the images. 

Generally the televisions available below 20000 offer refresh rate of 60 -100Hz, which is decent quality. 100Hz is undoubtedly a great deal for the owners, as it will offer much clearer pictures than the 60Hz. 


This parameter varies from one brand to another, but you can keep an expectation that a branded company will offer a decent of 1-year warranty for any manufacturing defects. It is therefore inevitable that no matter whatever problem arises during this tenure of 1year will be completely taken care of by the manufacturer without charging you a single penny. 

In short, it is, therefore, a great deal for the owners to invest in televisions below 20000 that comes with one year of warranty. This will ensure staying on the safer side. 

Great Top-notch Audio Quality: 

This again depends from one brand to another also varies in model numbers. Most of the televisions available at this price point come with offer standard or average audio quality. You can receive a max of 2x10W of audio quality, which is great sound for the home. However, if you are looking to enhance the sound experience, you always have the freedom to connect with your external sound system and enjoy the better sound quality. 

Things to Consider While Buying a Television under 20000:

Check the size of the TV: 

There were once the days when family sofas used to decide the size of the TV. But now with the availability of a range of sizes, the rules have changed and now the TV sizes are the decision maker. 

Well, straight to the point, when choosing a television, your first lookout should be the television size. TVs below 20000 are available in different sizes from 32 inches to 40 inch, which makes it quite important to understand your room size. Some brands might offer more than 40 inch TV, which is rare but requires knowing the room size.

Let us have a look in details: 

Screen SizeWidthHeightViewing Distance
32 inches27.9”15.7”Below 1.5m
42 inches36.6”20.6”1.5 – 2m
47 inches41”23”2 – 2.5m
55 inches48”27”2.5 – 3m
65 inches56.6”31.9”Over 3m

Check the technology:

Well, there are several technologies available in the market that can ensure an awesome experience, but at this price point, you will find various ranges of LED TVs. It is better to opt for the LED TVs as because these technologies offer better picture quality, enhanced display, a diverse range of TV sizes. Consume less electricity and lastly do not cross your budget. 

This is the reason why it is mostly suggested to opt for the LED TVs at this price range. 

Check the brightness:

Brightness is another major aspect while buying a TV. There is no doubt that LEDs can work amazingly in different lighting conditions. Moreover, due to frequent advancement in this technology, the brightness levels have been improved. LEDs are considered as a great choice for the areas with brighter rooms, especially on the sunny weather. 

Check the Contrast ratio: 

Since the contrast ratio is generally the ratio within the darkest and white luminance, it has an obvious effect on the picture quality. With a larger contrast ratio, the picture will show a clearer image of deeper blacks making a difference in the quality of the images. 

Check the viewing angle:

Unlike the previous days, no more people will suffer from a bad viewing angle. However, it all depends on the choices you make. Checking the viewing angle of the television tends to become valuable to understand its efficacy. One hundred seventy-eight degrees are generally a great viewing angle ensuring viewing from a different angle to enjoy the movies or pictures similar across the television screens. 

When you assess precisely, you will understand the difference between a TV with bad viewing angle and another with a wide one. However, the person on the center will never compromise unless someone is sitting on the corners of a TV with a bad viewing angle. 

Check the resolution: 

Well, before moving further, first be sure that both Ultra HD and 4K televisions are similar technology. These are the screen resolution which denotes the number of pixels present on the screen. More pixels mean enhanced picture quality with sharper, brighter and deeper image details. 

Unlike previous days, when the resolution was related to the price of the televisions, no more it is an issue as because the price gap has reduced to a huge extent making it affordable for everyone. Going for a reputed brand offering Full HD LED TV becomes a wiser decision than opting for lower resolution TVs at a reduced price.

Let us check in details about the resolution and their supported contents.

Display ResolutionResolution Content Supported 
HD or HD Ready 1366 x 768720p – DVD Players, Set-top box
Full HD1920 x 10801080p – PC, Gaming console, HD set-top box, blu-ray player
4K or Ultra HD3840 x 21602160p – Above contents with 4K gaming consoles, 4K Android and Apple TV, and much more. 

Check whether it’s HDR compatible:

This is an important factor that you need to consider before buying a television to enjoy high-quality content. What does HDR refer to? It means High Dynamic Ratio. HDR is the label that provides additional quality as whipped cream does on a hot chocolate. If this requires paying additional with them, then it is always better to go for it. 

With the HDR, you can observe true colors on your television as without this tv are not able to reproduce some of the colors. What it does on your TV is spectacular and worth the price. This fixes the two prime variables for quality pictures like the contrast ratio and color. 

Check the smart quotient:

Smart TV is in trend, and everybody wants to get more than the price they pay to the manufacturer. Nowadays, every brand is making tangible moves to make their TVs smarter. No more for people who are looking for smart TVs under 20000 needs to pay extra, the price gap has shrunk and has made Smart TVs affordable for everyone. 

When you opt for buying Smart LED TVs of Sony, LG, and Samsung within this budget, you can acquire some of the Smart features like Netflix, YouTube, and various other pre-installed apps. The point is, yes, these TVs are Wi-Fi enabled and offers top-notch cinematic experience at a low budget. 

Check the number of ports:

After making your purchase, if you find the TV no such port facilities of USB or has only 1 HDMI port? Isn’t it irritating? Well, you would feel like to throw the TV away at their very moment. To get more from the TV, make sure you check the number of port available on the TV. More ports, better for you. 

With more number of port availability, you can connect multiple devices at the same time and therefore enjoy better. In case you are a gamer, you need more than one port to connect both the gaming console and external speakers and enjoy a lifelike experience from your TV. 

Check the Audio quality:

Well, to be very realistic and without putting pudding on top, don’t expect the speakers to be as great as an external speaker. The good news is all these TVs are integrated with high-quality speakers. Most two inbuilt speakers with standard sound are provided in these TVs. You can listen and enjoy, but to acquire a truly cinematic experience, you need to connect with an external speaker. 

Don’t miss checking the remote control:

While checking each and everything, most of the owners tend to forget checking the remote controls. Make sure you check each and everything also if there are some additional features in the remote. 

A Brief Comparison:

Note: Both the product chosen for comparison is from the same brand. Not necessarily, the parameters will be the same for other brands. This is to provide you with a rough knowledge of quality differences. 

FeaturesTVs Below 10000TVs Between 10000- 20000
Screen Size24 – 32 inch32 – 55 and above inch
Resolution1366 x 768Full HD – 4K UHD
No. of Speakers1-22 – 4
Speaker OutputUp to 20W20 – 40W
Audio Supported FormatsAC3, MP3, PCM, AACMPEG, MP3, M4A, MP2, HE-AAC and much more
ConnectivityNot MentionedMHL, Wi-Fi Direct, Built-in Wi-Fi
Smart FeaturesMotion ControlTizen OS,  Smartphone Mirroring and TV apps like Games and Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which is the best smart TV brand under 20000?

There are many available in the market, and when it comes to choosing a TV, it is always better to opt for a branded one. From the most popular brands offers Smart TVs below 20000 are LG, Samsung, and TCL. You can blindly trust these brands because of their quality. 

2. What is the refresh rate concept?

Higher refresh rate = Lesser blurred pictures

Refresh rate in simple words means the number of times the video screen is getting refresh per second. The number of times your TV refreshes, the clearer picture you will be watching.

Generally, you will find the refresh rate that ranges from 50 Hz to 60 Hz, which is standard. However, some manufacturers have raised their bars much higher to ensure better picture quality at this price. Therefore you can now watch action movies and sports at much better quality.

3. How Smart TVs are different from others?

When it comes to Smart TV interface or operating system, the services differ a lot from ordinary TVs. Most of the Smart TVs make use of different graphical presentation and software. Not only it differs from one brand to another but also based on the model, the services differ. 

Smart TVs are called Smart just because they offer services more than just normal television. With these TVs, you can browse the internet, install streaming apps, and enjoy video or movies at any point in time. Moreover, some TVs at this price range also offer TVs that allow users to use their social media apps on their televisions.

4. How many ports should be there on a TV?

Ports are important for TVs, especially when it is a Smart TV. This ensures connecting the external devices. Well, there is no specific number of ports that becomes ideal as many ports are equivalent to more connection and a better experience. At this price point, you can attain a maximum of 3HDMI, and 3USB ports hence is a good deal for the owners. 

5. What is the difference between 4K and 1080p TV?

This is a technical term referring to the number of pixels. 4K is also popular as the Ultra High Definition, which offers the ultimate experience while 1080P is also a high definition TV but considerably lesser in terms of picture quality. 4K resolution means 3840 x 2160 pixels while 1080p means 1920 x 1080 pixels.

4K resolution offers better picture quality because there are 4000 horizontal pixels. Generally, these resolutions are labeled as per the vertical pixels, which in case of 1080p mean 1080 vertical lines. Whereas 4K has 2160 vertical pixels, thereby offering enhanced picture quality. 

6. Is contrast ratio a crucial factor to check while buying?

Contrast ratio is one of the most crucial aspects of television. Compared to any other metric, the contrast ratio difference is highly noticeable between TVs. With a better contrast ratio, you can be able to observe darker blacks and better bright in the dimmed light, thereby changing the quality to a huge extent. 

Here is an example of the difference in the TV with a better contrast ratio and worse. 

7. Can I set my Set-top with Smart TV?

Yes, definitely. Smart TVs are called Smart not only because they can connect with the internet and offer better features but also they can function both like your big screen where you can watch your favorite movies or movies from your phone anytime along with can operate it as a normal television by connecting with the set-top box. 


Hopefully, after going through the above-mentioned details, you are now aware of the things that are necessary checking while buying and what to expect from a television below INR 20000. It is always better to keep a realistic expectation and choosing accordingly. 

With many choices available in the market from the popular brands and with detailed guides on what to check, no more you will face any issues. So choose a TV with great picture quality, designed with a flat panel shape and with features that will encompass your expectations. 


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