Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

Bose is one of the known brands all over the world that offers world class audio systems. One of such product by Bose we are reviewing is the Bose SoundLink Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. This speaker comes with a big sound and bass. It is small and light enough to put inside your bag. The speaker weighs 0.67 kg, and its design makes it easy for it to be placed anywhere. It has Bluetooth connectivity.


Clear Calling

This speaker comes with a built-in speakerphone that allows you to answer calls through it. It offers loud sound without any distortion and ensures you have the best of service whenever it is used.


It is equipped with a powerful battery that allows you to stay unplugged for long hours. The batter delivers a playtime of up to 10 hours. The battery comes with a charging cradle that charges it easily. It also allows you to charge and play music at the same time.


This speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity technology. It removes the hassle of wires and lets you enjoy tireless connectivity. The speaker comes with a wireless range of 30 feet and offers a wide operational area and better signal strength. Bluetooth can be connected easily without much hassle.

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What Do We like

Compact audio

It delivers high-quality audio and sleek design. The speaker is a suitable pick for most music lovers. The device comes with effective connectivity and excellent sound output. It provides strength and durable, and it also facilitates comfortable usage.


The structure offers ease of operation and easy controlling feature. The speaker weighs only 0.68 kg so its super  lightweight and compact.It comes with controlling features like power on and off, Bluetooth mode, and volume alerting keys.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed.


This speaker is lovely and attractive to use. It allows you to enjoy the sound without wires and reconnecting using the Bluetooth feature is simpler. The sound quality is excellent.

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