Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic Sewing Machine Review

There are times that we want to unwind and do the kinds of stuff that we love to do. One popular thing that housewives do in their homes is to sew or take some stitching projects. This makes their time more worthwhile especially when they are bored or after work, it takes out the stress from their body. This hobby can be more interesting especially if you have a nice sewing machine that you can use.

With regards to that, Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic Sewing Machine is definitely the one to go for. It is smooth to use because it is loaded with features that you can surely utilize for your needs. Come and let us take a look at its features in the next part of this article.


Triple Strength Stitch

It makes sure that the stitches that you are doing are strong enough to last for extended periods.

Thread Tension Control

You can manipulate the proper amount of tension needed for your threads for safer and more efficient sewing.

Two Dials

There are two dials that you can utilize to change the options according to your needs and preferences.

Quick Sewing Speed

It has 860 stitches per minute speed for you to quickly finish your sewing project.

2-Years Warranty

It gives you an assurance that you are in good hands at all times by having a buyer’s protection when you discovered something wrong with the item.

23 Built-In Stitches

You can choose among the 23 different kinds of stitches to utilize for your projects.

Stitch Pattern Selector

It allows you to choose among the different stitching patterns that you can utilize for your projects.

Free Arm Body

This gives you the capability to do circular stitching whenever you need it in a comfortable manner.

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What Do We like

Saves You Electricity

This sewing machine only consumes 70 watts of electricity which is significantly lower compared to its counterparts.

Quiet Operation

Whenever you are sewing you will not hear any noise which makes it desirable to use even at night.

Low Maintenance

This sewing machine does not require any extensive maintenance. If ever, since it is a local brand there will be no scarcity of spare parts when you needed it.

Clean Look

This sewing machine has a clean-looking exterior that adds up some charisma on you when you are using it.


It has a superbly compact body that allows you to put it on limited spaces such as a small table. You will also not have any problems when you want to store it after use.

Secured and Safe

This sewing machine is well-built that is why using it will not impose any risks of harm or expose you from any accident.

Multipurpose Use

Can be utilized for 9 applications to quicken up your sewing tasks. Some examples of its primary functions are hemming, stretch stitching, button fixing, and many more.

What We Don’t Like

A Little Bit Complex

Can be a little confusing since it has lots of button and can be complex for an beginner.


Make your sewing moments a memorable one with the help of this sewing machine. Its fine features and topnotch quality will surely exceed all your expectations and make every sewing session a very rewarding one. So what are you waiting for? Buy this sewing machine now and experience the wondrous benefits that it can give you.


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