Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

The world is truly evolving in almost all aspects especially when it comes to the things we are using. Luckily, sewing machines have also undergone serious improvements in the past few years. One example is getting a sewing machine computerized, integrating the most advanced features that you can ever imagine.  Just like this particular sewing machine, this Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 35-Watt Computerized Sewing Machine is surely the perfect product for you.

It is loaded with top of the line features that are all modern and at the same time without removing the feel of using the traditional sewing machine. Come and let us discuss it further by dwelling on its features and advantages.

120 Built-In Stitches and Alphabets

This is probably the largest database of stitches and alphabets that you can find in a sewing machine right now. It will definitely make the process more automated which will spare you some time and effort.

Exclusive LCD Screen

The LCD screen of this sewing machine is truly extraordinary. It is responsive and reliable as the fast navigation will allow you to explore the options of it much easier and satisfying.

Variable Speed Control Buttons

It allows you to control the right speed when you are sewing. The buttons also include an on and off button that you can utilize to make things easier for you. It also spares you from using foot control which lessens your effort while sewing.

7-Piece Feed Dog

It guarantees an easy and much quicker feeding of the materials that you will sew. It also ensures that the material is intact at all times on the feeder for better results and efficiency.

Speed Control Slider

This is a good alternative for you to get your desired sewing speed if you prefer to use the slider more than the buttons.

2 Years Warranty

This keeps you protected in case there is something wrong with the item. The warranty comes in the form of a service or product replacement.

Locking Stitch Button

Locking your stitches become quick and easy because it is done automatically. It provides strength on your stitches as it will make the stitches more intact.

Automatic Thread Trimmer

This feature will trim the thread automatically to spare you from doing the task manually. This saves you a lot of time and effort making your every sewing session a rewarding one.

50-Programmable Patterns

It allows you to choose among the 50 patterns that you can utilize for your projects.

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What Do We like


It only consumes 35 watts of electricity which is significantly low making you save some money on your bills.

Modern Design

Because it is loaded with various features that are truly modern, its design perfectly blends with that boasting an exterior that is really advanced-looking.

Low Maintenance

This sewing machine is not delicate when it comes to maintenance. Since it is computerized the maintenance needed for this sewing machine is significantly reduced and all are written in the user manual that comes along with the package to guide you with that.


It is guaranteed that you will not be pissed off while using this because it is non-noisy when it operates.


It has a portable size that makes it fit easily on houses with limited spaces.

100% Safe to Use

Since it is computerized, all the risk of accidents through the use of a sewing machine is significantly reduced.

What We Don’t Like

The Design Size Too Small

Since the design size is too small compared to the usual sizes it is a little bit hard to set when necessary.


There you go, we have finished another very informative article regarding this useful and reliable computerized sewing machine. Once you buy it, you will experience the outstanding features and benefits that it has. So do not think twice and start indulging yourself on a one of a kind experience that you will get from this product.



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