Singer Futura XL 550 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

When we are sewing, we are handling sharp objects such as needles and scissors that is why safety is a must. This is the primary reason why the sewing machines that we must use have passed quality checks to ensure our safety. With regard to that, Singer has something for you. Its Singer Futura XL 550 64-Watt Sewing and Embroidery Machine will truly let you experience superb safety while you are using it. So accidents and unwanted scenarios will be prevented.

This particular sewing machine is loaded with amazing features that worth giving a shot. It will make your sewing projects more efficient which will result in better outputs.


File Compatibility

It can support multiple file formats to ensure that there will be no mishaps when you will input various embroidery design files externally.

Bonus Software

You can transform various self-created images such as logos and clip arts into embroidery designs. Just scan and edit it then select the colors along with its other attributes such as angles and types.

125 Built-in Embroidery Design

This will help you out in doing your embroidery projects because there are already 125 preset designs that you can choose from.

Swift Smart Threading System

It as a more improved automatic needle threading system that ensures the quick insertion of threads to the needle.

6-Fully Automatic 1 Step Buttonhole

It allows you to create amazing buttonholes in a quick and easy way.

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What Do We like

Multi-Hoop Feature

It allows you to produce designs infinitely with multi-hoop capabilities which gives you the power to embroider designs for up to 18 ½ x 11 inches.

Automatic Thread Cutter

It cuts down the thread automatically to save you some time in manually cutting it.

Extremely Durable

It has the ability to withstand tremendous usage without deterioration because it is made of the finest materials on the planet.

Artistic Design

Once you see this sewing machine personally you will surely love it. It is a great addition to your room as it will add up a lot of style to it.

Quiet Motor

The motor of this sewing machine performs quietly while maintaining its efficiency.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on the product.



We’ve just finished tackling this spectacular sewing machine from Singer. We hope that you learned a lot of details about this product and you can ultimately use it as your basis on your decision if you will buy it or not. Furthermore, we suggest that you buy it now and see for yourself the satisfaction that you can give to it while you are sewing.

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