Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing Machine Review

As the world continues to evolve, being fast pace comes along with it and we must abide to it. Right now, sewing machines have gone really advanced when it comes to technology because of the onset of computerized sewing machines. First mechanical sewing machines were invented which is completely operated manually which can make tailors really tired after the long hours of using it. This is why electric sewing machines were invented however it still requires people a lot of work because automated features weren’t available in them.

Thankfully, computerized sewing machines solved all that dilemma. It has the features that will make everything automated by just a click of a button and you can see the status of your machine by just looking at the LCD screen. With regards to that, come and let us take a look at this wonderful computerized sewing machine that is made my Singer!

Bonus Quilting Feet and Extension Table

This will provide a lot of comfort especially when you are doing quilting projects.

7-Fully Automatic Buttonholing

This will make buttonholing an easy task to do making things faster and more efficient.

Drop and Sew Bobbin System

This will make things really quicker for you as you can save a lot of time in setting up your sewing machine.

Programmable Up and Down Needle

This feature will make quilting fast and easy. This will also bring you an additional safety while you are sewing.

98 Built-In Stitches

You have the power to select among the 98 built-in stitches that you can use for your sewing projects.

Electronic Twin Needle Control

This makes your sewing tasks much faster to finish and more efficient.

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What Do We like

Decent Stitch Speed

The stitch speed is really fast that is why it will significantly increase your outputs while minimizing the time and effort in doing them.

Saves Electricity

The good thing about this sewing machine is it is not demanding on its power requirement. This will surely spare you some money in your monthly electricity bills.

Sturdy Body

Its body is a combination of hard plastic and metal which ensures its stability while in use. It also protects the electronic components from harm to ensure that it will last really longer.

Top of the Line Design

This sewing machine has the ability to give your room a brand new look because of its amazing exterior that will surely add up some style to you and your room.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


We hope that you got some useful facts regarding this one of a kind sewing machine. This will probably help you in your decision if you will buy it or not. However, if you will ask us that question, we strongly suggest that you buy it now as it can completely automate your sewing tasks.

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