Lifelong LLPM900 Panini Grill Sandwich Maker Review

Lifelong Company is among the leading brands which manufacture household appliances. The company has a large market size in India and across the globe. The lifelong brand makes products using the latest technology, which makes them be of high quality.

Lifelong LLPM900 Panini grill sandwich maker is available in black and grey. This appliance has a cool-touch handle together with the body making it safe for the user. The non-stick coating makes it convenient for one to prepare a sandwich.

Power rating

This appliance has a power rating of 900 watts. This will heat the plates quick to give you efficient and fast toasting or grilling.


This appliance requires a voltage which is within 220 volts to 240 volts for it to operate efficiently.

Non-stick coating on plates

The plates of Lifelong LLPM900 Panini grill sandwich maker are coated with Teflon. With non-stick coating, you will be sure of your sandwich not sticking on the plate’s surface, which will make it simple to clean. You will also prepare a healthy sandwich because you will use just little oil.

Light indicator

This sandwich maker comes with a red light indicator which will show when the power is ON and switch off when cooking is done.

Cool- touch body

The appliance body is made using high resistant material that will not conduct heat, making it safe for you to touch. The handles are also safe to touch making it for convenient to use it

Power cord

This appliance has a long power cord for flexibility. The cable is strongly made and well insulated, which will prevent any kind of electric harm to you.

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What Do We like

Anti-skid legs

Lifelong LLPM900 Panini grill sandwich maker has anti-skid legs, which will allow you to operate with an appliance that is free from any movement.


This appliance comes with a warrant of one year, which covers manufacture defects only.

Compact storage

This sandwich maker can be comfortably stored vertically; hence it occupies less storage space.


Lifelong LLPM900 Panini grill sandwich maker weighs about 2.25 kilograms, which makes it lightweight. You will be able to carry it at any place.

Large grilling plates

The plates of this appliance are large to accommodate a big two slice sandwich.

Easy to operate

Lifelong LLPM900 Panini grill sandwich maker comes with a user guide which will easily guide you on how to use the product.


This appliance has a side lock that will hold the plates together for even cooking of the sandwich.

What We Don’t Like

  • Has no adjustable height
  • Its quality needs to be improved.


Lifelong LLPM900 Panini grill sandwich maker has amazing features, including a light indicator, a cool-touch handle, and a cool-touch body. The non-stick coating is free from toxic compounds; hence you will have a healthy sandwich. The appliance can be stored in a vertical way, which will help you in saving more storage space. Lifelong LLPM900 comes with a one year warranty.

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