Refrigerator Size and Capacity (Based on Family Size)

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in the kitchen. Today, manufacturers are always thinking outside the box to bring new technologies, designs, and features into the refrigerator.

Do not get your heart set towards a specific one, which does not meet your requirements. Instead, let us consider a few essential facts to help find the right capacity refrigerator for you (and your family), which will meet all your requirements as well as energy-saving and stylish.

Refrigerator Measurements to Keep in Mind

Refrigerator Size

The most important factor regarding your search for a new refrigerator is the size. A common misconception is that if you measure the space you have and find a fridge of those dimensions, it will fit.

Measuring space, height, width is just the first step. Make sure you also take into account the door opening space as well.

Depth, Width, and Height

Make sure to take several measurements from different perspectives. Start by measuring the space from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet and then proceed to measure the width from one side to another side. If possible, measure the top of the space as well as the bottom. Also, measure the depth of the opening.

Door Opening

How far your refrigerator door will open wide, is an essential factor that needs consideration. It depends on the refrigerator. Many require their entries to be completely wide open to pull out the vegetable basket or the shelves. In that case, you need to make sure the door does not hit any other appliances or cupboards.


Consider how you will bring your new refrigerator into your kitchen. Make sure to measure the kitchen and the central door. The fridge needs to fit in properly.


Be sure to have two inches of extra space above and behind the refrigerator. If a fridge is not properly ventilated, it can dampen the floor, damage the motor, or might use extra energy to function.

Family Size

Measuring the size of the refrigerator space is just the first part. Now, look at the number of family members. Do you host parties often? Do guests come over to your house regularly? Look into all these aspects and choose a refrigerator with enough cubic feet for you and your family’s needs.

  • An adult will need a minimum of 6-8 cubic feet of refrigerator space.
  • A couple will need a minimum of 12-16 cubic feet of refrigerator space.
  • A family of four will need a minimum of 20 cubic feet of refrigerator space.
Family sizeSuggested capacity
Bachelors or couples50 liters – 200 liters
Family of 3-4 members250 liters – 300 liters
Family of 4-5 members300 liters – 350 liters
Family of 6 or more members400 liters – 500 liters


Refrigerator SizeSuggested Models
50 liters – 200 litersSingle door refrigerator
250 liters – 300 litersSingle door, double door, triple door refrigerator
300 liters – 350 litersDouble door, triple door refrigerator
400 liters – 500 litersDouble door, side by side refrigerator

Refrigerator Style

StylePrice in INRDetails
Top freezer35000 – 40000The top freezer refrigerator keeps the frozen food at your eye level and the vegetable compartment below. These are the most affordable and classic single door fridge.
Bottom freezer40000 – 55000The bottom freezer refrigerators are also known as a bottom-mount freezer. It consumes less energy to keep that section cold. You can keep your frequently used items at eye level.
Side by side65000 – 80000The vertical compartments offer plenty of space in the refrigerator. Ideal for a kitchen with limited space – the doors are half as wide as the top freezer models.
French door55000 – 90000The french door is a combination of side by a dual side door and a bottom freezer. This is a tremendous energy-saving refrigerator because you only need to open a small portion to get what you need.
Compact8000 – 15000Compact refrigerators are the perfect choice for small dorm rooms, bedrooms, garages, and anyplace else where you need to keep your drinks cold but have limited space.
Freezerless15000 – 30000As the name suggests, freezerless refrigerators use the entire internal space of the compartment for refrigeration, not freezing.
Counter-depth45000 – 70000Counter-depth refrigerators are designed to align perfectly with your kitchen countertop to give you a built-in look. The refrigerator door will only be sticking out, making the kitchen very spacy.
Wine/Beverage 30000 – 45000These refrigerators are specially designed to keep your favorite drinks chilled. These refrigerators range from mid-size to full size with a room for your wine collection.

Features to Consider

Shelves & Bins

Shelves that slide in and out should be of a decent size according to your requirements. A bachelor will not need bigger shelves as much as a family of four will. There are also moveable bins to adjust to your needs.

Breathing Room

Add a little breathing room to it. Make sure you can comfortably stand in front of your refrigerator while accessing it and the doors can open widely, shelves can be taken out easily.


You now know the various options to choose from, and each comes with its pros and cons. Figuring out which one is best for you is the first, most obvious step toward making a final buying decision. Calculate wisely and buy what suits you and your family.

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