Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 Ultra Slim Power Bank Review

Power Banks have become the need of the busy era. You can’t take power sockets to different places, but you can always carry your compact power bank for battery back up. Power banks have played a massive role in one’s life. Anker brings yet another such gadget into our lives with it’s “PowerCore II Slim Power Bank For iPhone, Samsung Galaxy  And More. ”

These Power Banks are universally compatible, allowing you to charge all kinds of gadgets. Also, it’s extra slim characteristics owe a possibility to enhance your style statements.


High Capacity

The device serves to have an incredible capacity of 10000 mah. It can ensure up to three times charge for phones like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7. It can also give multiple full charges to other devices.


It features a slim design that satisfies fashion statements with its protective silicone shield. It also finds a perfect fit for the pockets and handbags.


With this device, you get a 60 cm micro USB cable and a travel pouch. Hence, it enables everyone to take it to places and use it when required.

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What Do We like

Excellent Speed

The device can charge the devices fully in a fraction of minutes. It also holds a record to have charged iPhones and Androids in about 1.5 hours.


It can charge all kinds of devices, starting from iPhones to Androids. Hence, it is compatible with all and every type of gadget with ease.


The device is built beautifully such that it’s intelligently designed internal circuits save it from any failure and short circuits. This also increases its durability.

What We Don’t Like


Unless provided with proper EMI  or other discount options, the device may not be an easy reach to every section of the society.


The device comes with a stunning 18-month warranty from the manufacturer. Also, it’s easy to use and maintain. The added advantage of being easily portable adds a boon to travelers. It has a 24 * 7 available helpline, enabling the customers to communicate their issues with the experts. Hence, it is an extremely consumer-friendly device that might help one and all.

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Hari Priya

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