Anker PowerCore A1109G11 5000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank Review

A recent survey stated that the people of today might even live without food but require a continuous check on their mobile phones and other kinds of gadgets. To support the charge and battery life, chargers are no more the boundaries. Power banks have emerged as an emergency backup and the need for the era. Looking into the same, Anker has introduced it’s all-new, “PowerCore A1109G11 5000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank “.

This Power has an excellent capacity of around 5000mAH that can serve to charge your phones during emergencies. Also, these power banks serve for the ongoing trends and fashion statements.


It has a large capacity of 5000mAH, which can serve as an aid during emergencies. It enables you to charge your device. You can charge your iPhone up to two times and Samsung phone once.

Portable and Compact

The device is compact and the tubular design makes it pocket-friendly. It saves space, allowing you to carry it in your bags and pouches while traveling.

Physical Dimensions

The device is 10cm tall and 3cm wide and is extremely lightweight.

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What Do We like

Fast Charging

It charges the devices as quickly as a standard charger due to it’s two in-built technologies of Power IQ and Voltage Boost. These technologies make ways to provide a fast charging by even overcoming the cable resistances.

High-Quality Material

The power bank is built with high-grade components. It is safe and ensures fast charging due to its quality of components. It protects the devices from short circuits and damage.


The protective matte on the charging mold of this cylindrical shaped device protects the devices from damage. It also provides for a proper grip.

What We Don’t Like

Useless for now travellers

These devices may be unnecessary for people who stay at a single place all day and have an easy reach for charging their phones through the sockets.

Do one at a time

If you want to charge a device, you can do it with extreme ease, but you may not be able to input the charge to the power bank through the sockets.


The device may provide one with an added advantage of joining the 10+ million that is powered by America’s leading USB charging brand. Also, it is easy to use and maintain. It even has an 18-month manufacturer warranty, making it a consumer-friendly device. Thus, it is a suitable option to consider buying.

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