Prestige POTG 20-Litre Toaster Oven Review

If you are a euro fanatic on all the things that you have and currently on a pursuit to buy an oven toaster, then Prestige is a good brand that you can choose. With regard to that, we would like to introduce to you this Prestige POTG 20-Litre Toaster Oven, and it has the functionalities that you will need to have an efficient oven toaster. A portable and stylish steel oven toaster that is perfect for your kitchen or dining area.

This is a great oven toaster to choose among others because it is durable and will not let you down on your cooking tasks. We will prove to you that by discussing more of its features and advantages.


Rotisserie Function

It allows you to have two grips from 5 heating positions that help in grilling meats and veggies in a uniformed way.

Temp Control with Timer

It allows you to set the temperature up to 250 degrees Celsius. Aside from that, it has a timer that will allow you to automatically turn off the oven for added safety.

Robust Stay Cool Handle

The handle is properly insulated so that you will not get hurt when you touch it once you open or close the oven’s door.

Full-Sized Glass Door

This allows you to have easy access to the interior of the oven for more comfort.

Enameled Baking Tray and Steel Wire Rack

It gives you the assurance that it will last long in terms of its structure and appearance, even if you use it every day.

Accessories Included

The unit comes along with kitchen tools that are perfect in making your cooking tasks much easier and comfy to do.

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What Do We like


This oven is perfect for people that are on a budget because it does not cost that much.

Roomy interior

You can put a decent amount of food inside the oven so that you will not have to redo things all over.


This oven will not wear out easily because of the premium materials that it is made of.

Easy Cleaning

You can easily clean this oven up when it is dirty because of the smooth surface that it has.

Hassle-Free to Use

You can use this oven with ease because it does not contain any hard to understand components.

Silent Operation

This oven does not emit that much noise because of the silent motor that is integrated into it.

Great Design

You will surely be proud of once it is placed in your kitchen because of the elegance that it can give to it.

Easy Maintenance

You will not need to do any extensive maintenance on this oven for it to function perfectly.

What We Don’t Like

There is no child lock feature available.


This oven has a number of amazing features such as Rotisserie Function, Temp Control with Timer, Robust Stay Cool Handle, Full-Sized Glass Door, Enameled Baking Tray, and Accessories. With this oven, you can truly enjoy hot meals in no time.

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