Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven NN-SM255WFDG Review

The Panasonic NN-SM255WFDG solo microwave oven is capable of reheating, defrosting, and cooking food for a small family. It comes with an anti-bacterial cavity that ensures hygienically cooked food at all times. The power levels enable you to adjust the temperature of the microwave oven according to your cooking requirements.

The mechanical knobs are durable and easy to use. They two dials can be used to adjust the timer and temperature settings. You can easily set the cooking time and carry on with your chores.

The microwave oven will shut off the microwave oven once the cooking process is complete to prevent the food from over-cooking. Moreover, the large glass turntable ensures uniform and faster cooking for delicious results.

Here we have provided a detailed review of the Panasonic NN-SM255WFDG solo microwave oven.


Capacity: 20 Liters

The solo microwave oven comes with a capacity of 20 liters. It is suitable for a bachelor or a small family of two to three members. The microwave oven can be used for reheating, defrosting, and cooking food.

Anti-Bacterial Cavity

The model features an anti-bacterial cavity that features an epoxy grey coating. It prevents the growth of bacteria and other contaminants. Hence, it helps you to cook food in a hygienic setting.

Power Levels

The microwave oven includes three power levels that allow you to adjust the temperatures to the desired levels. You can increase the power levels to increase the temperature of the microwave oven to meet your cooking requirements. Hence, the power levels ensure precise cooking for delicious results.

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What Do We like

Easy Operation

The compact solo microwave oven can be placed on your kitchen countertop for easy access. The mechanical knobs allow you to easily set the temperature and cooking time of the microwave oven.

The timer allows you to carry on with your daily chores. It automatically shuts off the microwave oven once the cooking process is complete to prevent food from getting burnt or over-cooked. Moreover, the durable mechanical knobs ensure the convenient operation of the solo microwave oven.

Large Turntable

It comes with a 255 mm glass turntable. The large turntable ensures the uniform distribution of heat for quicker and improved cooking results. It also allows you to cook and reheat large quantities of food in one go.

What We Don’t Like


The size and capacity may be too small. A solo microwave oven is suitable for a small family. Moreover, it cannot be used for baking and grilling purposes.


The Panasonic NN-SM255WFDG solo microwave oven offers convenient and unique features at an affordable price. It is an ideal option for bachelors and small families. The elegant model takes up very little space in the kitchen. Hence, it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen for easy access.

The durable solo oven is the perfect kitchen appliance that ensures hassle-free cooking. It is easy to use and provides delicious food within a few minutes. Hence, the Panasonic NN-SM255WFDG solo microwave oven is an excellent option that offers value for money.

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Anaida Sutherland

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