Is Too Much Humidity Bad For Your Health?

Humidity refers to the moisture content in the air in the form of water vapor. Humidity is an essential aspect of the cycle of nature. Humidity is not bad, but too much of it is no good. 

One could experience a series of issues when the humidity level increases, ranging from discomfort to serious health issues. Installing a good brand air conditioning system will go a long way in protecting you from the effects of high humidity. A dehumidifier can also help in maintaining the humidity in your home. 

Effects Of High Humidity On Your Body

  • A humidity level that ranges between 40 to 60 percent is ideal for our health and comfort.
  • When the humidity level shoots up in summer, your body will experience extreme heat as the sweat does not evaporate fast.
  • You will experience fatigue faster than you would do in a colder climate with less humidity. 
  • Your breath rate increases because your body is forced to slog harder to keep the body temperature under control. 
  • You sweat excessively, which will make you feel dehydrated.
  • Along with the loss of water content in your body, you will also lose essential salts and minerals from your body due to excessive sweating.
  • You could fall sick faster in a highly humid environment.
  • When the humidity level increases beyond 60%, bacteria and viruses find the conditions highly favorable. 
  • Chemical contaminant levels in the air increase, and people with allergic symptoms suffer more in highly humid environments.

More Serious Health Risks Due To High Humidity

  • You will experience heat exhaustion due to continual loss of water, salts, and minerals. 
  • Those who are not used to heat and high humidity could even faint. 
  • Muscle cramps are common, and they can totally debilitate one from free movement or make one suffer severe pain. 
  • Heatstroke is also a significant threat when the humidity level goes beyond 60%. 

How To Protect Yourself From High Humidity?

  • Take plenty of liquids to ensure that you are well hydrated.
  • Install a good air conditioning system to beat the heat and the humidity. 
  • If you have already installed an air conditioning system, have it serviced before the summer to ensure higher cooling efficiency.
  • Exercise in the early hours of the day before the heat goes up, and the humidity level increases.
  • Wear clothes that can breathe. 
  • Complete your cooking in the early hours of the day so that the heat of the stove does not aggravate things.
  • Keeping the windows closed help in maintaining a more comfortable indoor environment.
  • Choose indoor sports and games activities over outdoor games.


We cannot possibly have any control over the weather, and we are at the mercy of nature. However, we can make prudent choices to protect ourselves from the health risks caused by high humidity levels. 

Find solace in a good air conditioning system and keep your air conditioning systems functioning smoothly all through the summer. 

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