Sony MDRZX310AP Over-Head Headphone Review

Who does not like to listen to non-stop music and carry it on the go, but is that always possible? However, this has been made possible by Sony MDRZX310AP, which has been designed for premium sound dynamics.

These headphones are compact and easily portable. All you need to do is fold them and slip in your bag-pack, and you have a great companion for the day. While traveling on a train,  bus, or metro, one can tune into their favorite track and zone out for a few minutes. The powerful bass, clear treble, and the comfortable fit of the earplugs provide an excellent hearing experience

30mm Dynamic Driver

 The headphone comes with  30mm dynamic Driver Units, which produce clear and convincing sound. Also, the deep bass and the clear treble of the headphone are well balanced to provide an excellent hearing experience.


Compared to other headphones, Sony MDRZX310AP weighs only 227g, making it super light and convenient to use.

High-comfort earplugs

The sole purpose of the headphone is to provide comfort and excellent hearing experience. The earmuffs are incredibly soft and ensure everyone finds their perfect fit. The headband is adjustable for a superior fit, and the cushiony earpads do not hurt the ears even while using the headphones for a long time and offer unique hearing experience.

Smart inline control

An Inline Mic enables quick and easy switch between calls and music, allows to answer calls without taking off the headphones. In addition to that, one can also play, pause, and adjust the volume easily. 

Metallic body

This headphone has a metallic outer casing, which makes it look super stylish and elegant. It also comes with a four-conductor gold plated L-shaped stereo mini-plug.

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What Do We like


The earplugs are incredibly soft and foldable to ensure everyone finds their perfect fit. The excellent fit and the cushiony earpads do not hurt the ears even while using the headphones for a long time and offer unique hearing experience.

Powerful Sound

30mm dynamic Driver Units have a comprehensive frequency response and produce clear and powerful sound and provide an excellent hearing experience.

Switch Between Music and Phone

This headphone comes with an inline mic, which allows an easy switch from music to phone calls and vice versa, and volume can also be easily adjusted.

Highly Portable

The Sony MDR-ZX 310 is foldable, which makes it compact and very light weighing just 227 g and can be carried along easily.

What We Don’t Like

Poor quality cable

The cable quality is poor. It is very thin and fragile and susceptible to breakage.

Inline mic

Too loud music leads to audio bleed, and the inline mic starts sputtering.


The headphones are significantly in demand because of its stylish metallic body, inline mic, 30 mm audio drivers for crisp and clear sound, lightweight, which makes it easily portable and comfortable earmuffs.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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