Sennheiser PC 3 Chat On-Ear Headphone Review

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG is a German privately-held audio company. Sennheiser is one of the best companies that produces headphones, speakers, microphones, aviation headphones, etc. They are one of the best in the world.

This headphone from Sennheiser is a decent product. It is very lightweight and much comfortable. Plug in and enjoy. Cable length is pretty good and it is tangle free. Noise cancellation feature is it’s strong point. It has a frequency response of 42 – 17000Hz.

Lightweight and Comfortable

This headset is so light that you’ll hardly feel anything. It weighs only 77 grams. You won’t feel anything on your head at all and the ear cushions are very soft, which is why it is very comfortable too. Very good for longer listening sessions.

Easy Connect

 This connects to any computer or laptop very easily. You just plug in and start listening. No drivers or anything needs to be installed. Just a matter of few seconds.

Cable Length

 The cable length is much needed in every wired headphone. It comes with 2 metre of cable. Means you can move easily without have to worrying about the shortage of cable or anything else.

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What Do We like

Noise Cancellation

The Noise cancellation feature of this headset is the best feature amongst all. When you are talking to someone, the other person won’t be able to hear any background noises from your side.

They will only hear your voice that too very loud and clear. It is highly recommended for voice calling/video calling/skype etc.

Tangle Free

The cable that comes with this Sennheiser headset is tangle-free. Yes 2 metre of cable is tangle-free. You don’t have to waste time every time you want to plug in the headphones. It saves a lot of time.

Sound Quality

These headphones sound quality is excellent. The Sharp and clear vocals make you wanna listen more to it. It is quite loud for an on-the-ear headphone. And the clarity of the sound is amazing. You won’t have any complaints regarding that.

What We Don’t Like


There is literally no bass at all on this headphone. Sound clarity is no doubt very good but no bass. That is a major con i’d say.

Dual jack

These headphones are only compatible for computers. Not for laptop or mobile phones. Because it has two 3.5mm jacks. One for listening, and one for the microphone.


This Sennheiser headphone is the best choice for call center purpose. Where you’ll be working on a computer and your main priority will be talking. Which is the strong feature of this headphone.

Otherwise if you need to attend many video calls/skype etc then also it’s a good choice. But for avid music listeners, you guys might wanna stay away from this one. So first prioritize your need first, then buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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