Reasons Why You Should Buy Bluetooth Headphones

Whether it’s about listening to your favourite podcasts while jogging down the street or listening to foot thumping numbers while driving on the highway, Bluetooth headsets provide unmatched convenience and immersive listening experiences.

In today’s wireless world, Bluetooth headsets have become the new normal. The proliferation of Bluetooth enabled devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc., has made Bluetooth headsets immensely popular among individuals across generations.

With their ability to exchange data and information seamlessly and wirelessly, the trendy Bluetooth headsets promise ease of usage and allow you to flaunt your fashion sense effortlessly.

This article lists various reasons for getting your hands on the latest Bluetooth headphone and experiencing the tech-savviness and magical beauty of the wireless world.

Reasons Why You Should Get Bluetooth Headphones?

A decent pair of Bluetooth headphones bring a new change in how you use your Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. So let’s discuss the reasons why you would buy wireless headphones.

Wireless and Hands-Free Usage

The biggest advantage of a Bluetooth wireless headphone is that it allows you to keep your hands free from doing other tasks while enjoying wireless communication or streaming.

Thus, it enables you to do multitasking with great convenience, unlike your conventional headset.

Many individuals pick Bluetooth headphones because they’re wireless and give unparalleled feelings of freedom. With Bluetooth headphones, you need not worry about tangled headphone cords. Also, there is no need to carry your device while roaming in your house.

The wireless benefits of Bluetooth headset ensure no more safety worries, wear and tear, or accidentally knocking your phone off the table.

The advanced in-ear AirPods are tiny, friendly buds that promise a world of wireless convenience and add to your style element.

Improved Sound Quality and Connection Stability

Modern Bluetooth headsets come equipped with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 firmware that supports all Bluetooth codec and ensures exceptional sound quality.

There were times when the pairing of Bluetooth headphones was very slow, audio quality was average, the playback was unreliable, and the connections used to drop out often.

However, the advancements in technology have flipped the scenario completely.

Nowadays, the pairing of Bluetooth headphones with Bluetooth-enabled devices happens instantly when you tap the Bluetooth icon or flip open the lid of AirPods’ case. It is due to the Bluetooth 5.0 that delivers four times throughput and double the coverage distance.

The stability and reliability of Bluetooth wireless connections are extremely high, and almost all electronic devices support Bluetooth audio connectivity.

Even in cases of true wireless connections, the stability has improved exponentially. The Bluetooth headsets are equipped with advanced functionality that results in reduced connection delays and call drops.

For most average consumers, Bluetooth headsets give the same high-quality results as wired headphones. However, the advent of high-quality Bluetooth codecs such as Bluetooth LE Audio and LC3 codecs is closing the gap between wireless headphones and their wireless counterparts.

Impressive Battery Life

One of the common issues experienced with wireless headsets is their poor battery life. This is because you need to keep charging them again and again. However, the modern Bluetooth headsets are designed to house huge battery cells for ensuring all-day play.

Even though you need to charge the Bluetooth headphones, the portability and convenience it offers easily outweighs this issue. Every wireless device, including a smartphone, laptop, mouse, keyboard, etc., needs to be charged.

Depending on the pair of Bluetooth headphones you buy, you can get the battery life up to 20-hour with a single charge. On average, wireless neck earbuds provide 10 hours of playtime on a single charge, and true wireless earbuds offer lesser playtime due to their tiny cell size.

Overall, the Bluetooth headphones give you enough playback to work through an entire day at the office or run numerous laps around the block. Some expensive and ultra-advanced Bluetooth headphones need charging only once a week.

Allows You to Keep Your Smartphone Unlocked With Trusted Devices

Trusted devices are gadgets that you can use for keeping your smartphone unlocked.

A Bluetooth headphone enables you to establish a trusted, smart lock pairing.

The way you use your smartwatch or fitness band for keeping your phone unlocked when placed nearby; you can use your wireless headphones similarly when it is near your smartphone.

These unique wireless headphones feature is not found in wired headphones that cannot broadcast anything to your smartphone. Thus, Bluetooth headphones allow you to enjoy the benefits of trusted devices by keeping your smartphone unlocked.

This feature comes in handy for individuals who keep their headphones on their ears or around their neck at all times. It saves them the frustration of unlocking their smartphone multiple times every day.

It gives You the Freedom of Choice

Unlike wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones are non-exclusive. They work on practically every gadget if you have a dongle or phone equipped with a headphone jack.

In some situations, you would need the wired headphones for experiencing higher quality audio. While in other cases, you don’t want the pesky wires to come in your way. Thus, depending on the situation, you can have both wired and wireless headphones.

With Bluetooth headphones, you have freedom of choice to get your task done with more options available.

Increases Your Concentration

Bluetooth headsets allow you to focus more on the activity itself instead of keeping your smartphone glued to your ears.

Thus, it allows you to receive an emergency call while driving in heavy traffic without keeping your hands off the wheel and losing your focus off the road. Your attention remains undivided on your driving as you need not hold the phone against your ear.

Similarly, you can attend your calls while cooking, jogging, working on a laptop, doing various household chores, etc., with improved concentration and without any interruptions.

Improves Your Productivity

As Bluetooth wireless headset offers a hands-free advantage, it makes you more productive. You can easily roam around your office or house while attending business or personal calls.

Imagine how easy it is to take notes by typing or using pen and paper; while talking to someone on the phone.


Bluetooth headphones are user-friendly gadgets that do not require you to set up wired connections or plug-in cables. It provides seamless communication with Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones or tablets that are nearby.

The pairing takes up instantly, and wireless communication is established automatically so that you can move around with wireless headphones in your ear and a smartphone in your pocket.

Minimal Signal Interference

As Bluetooth headsets employ spread-spectrum frequency hopping technology and use low power wireless signals, they offer minimal signal interference suitable for high-quality audio transmission.

Are Bluetooth Headphones Good for Health?

Amidst the hype surrounding the revolutionary Bluetooth headphones and other wireless devices, scientists from various countries have expressed their concern about harmful health effects due to exposure to the EMFs (electromagnetic fields) emitted by wireless devices.

As per these scientists, the potential health risks associated with chronic EMF exposure include genetic damages, cancer, neurological disorders, memory and learning deficits, reproductive issues, etc.

They call for stricter guidelines for EMF exposure caused by wireless devices for ensuring enhanced protection against harmful health effects. Nevertheless, there is very little research on the safety of long-term radiation exposure from Bluetooth headphones.

As of now, there are no exact health risks known associated with the long term use of Bluetooth headphones, and scientists are still researching to understand the potentially harmful health effects.

Bluetooth headphones and other wireless devices emit a specific non-ionising EMF called RFR( radiofrequency radiation). This type of radiation was classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2011.

Moreover, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) conducted research and found that exposure to high levels of RFR may cause cancer in rats. This pops up the question of what specific RFR levels are dangerous for humans.

As per the scientists, the current EMF guidelines are not sufficient. Bluetooth headphones emit far less radiation than those emitted by smartphones.

In addition to RFR, you also need to consider the other factor SAR (specific absorption rate), for understanding the impact of this kind of radiation. The SAR refers to the amount of radiofrequency absorbed or seeped into the human body from a device.

Even though Bluetooth headphones emit lower radiation levels, these are placed too close to our head or body. However, this proximity of Bluetooth devices ensures the actual exposure to the head is maybe half or lesser than from a cell phone.

Scientists are concerned that the current SAR regulations don’t account for the potential risks of long-term exposure to lower radiation levels.

Even at lower SAR levels, the prolonged use of Bluetooth headphones for many hours every day may result in substantial cumulative exposure to our heads and hurt our health.

Thus, there is an urgent need to do a more extensive study on prolonged exposure to radiation emitted by Bluetooth headphones and other wireless devices. Then, depending on how radiation affects our health, new exposure limit guidelines should be framed accordingly.

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