Sennheiser HD 215 II Over-Ear Headphone Review

The Sennheiser HD215 ll headphones are very cool looking over-ear headphones. The unique feature of the headphone offers remarkable flex and torsion capabilities.

These headphones are specially designed for professional use. The headband and the earpads are very comfortable. The headphones have a dimension of 22.5*11*24.

The headphone’s passive noise attenuation helps in keeping the surrounding sound away and helps in catching every beat. These headphones make music more fantastic.

It offers stereo sound. The dynamic transducer and spatial sound make this headphone a perfect choice for DJ monitoring.

Stereo Sound

The headphone offers excellent stereo sound, which gives you a multi-directional audible perspective so that you can enjoy music and feel every beat of the music effortlessly.


The headphone consists of the 3.5-inch connector at the one end, which is also connected with the 3.5mm minijack plug. Both the connector of the headphones is gold plated.

Dynamic Transducer

The headphones are consisting of the dynamic transducer system, which helps in forming the perfect sound image. The neodymium magnets are added with the transducer system to sync the lows and highs perfectly.

Single-Sided Coiled Cable

The headphone is providing with the detachable single-sided coiled cable. This facility of the cord makes the earphones tangle-free. The headphones also become very easy to carry.

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What Do We like


The headphones have a high quality circumaural robust design featuring a spoked wheel motif with a glossy and matte surface, which makes it more fabulous. It is extremely rugged.

Rotatable Earcups

The headphone consists of the rotatable earcup, which will provide only one ear listening. This feature makes it suitable for DJ monitoring and sound engineers.

Powerful Bass

The headphones have a noise cancellation facility, which offers the perfect audio with the powerful bass to produce impressive sound.

Spatial Sound Image

This headphone gives you enhanced the immersive audio experience, which will let you feel that sound is flowing around you, and ultimately, you enjoy listening to music.


The headphone provides outstanding wearing comfort for longer sessions as it is an over the ear headphone, which has a comfortable headband and soft earpads.

Less Noise

The headphone has an excellent ambient noise attenuation feature, which lets you enjoy music without any disturbance.

What We Don’t Like


The weight of the headphones is quite heavy when compared to other such over-ear headphones. But once you get used to this, it won’t bother you much.


The Sennheiser HD 215 II closed over-ear headphone is the headphones with perfect design. The earpads and the headband are very much comfortable.

The connector of the headphones is gold plated. The transducer system with the neodymium magnet helps in forming the perfect sound image.

The headphones consist of the detachable cord, which makes it tangle-free. The headphones have the remarkable quality of the bass. It has a stereo sound which lets you feel the entire music.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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