Philips Bass+ SHL3075 Headphone Review

The Philips bass+ SHL3075 over-ear wired earphones are new and as bold as it gets. It is fun, it is cool, and it is trustable. Philips has been around for a very long time and sure does know how to make the best quality earphones.

Made with the most trusted Philips technology, the earphones are great with the bass. It will knock off the bass so good and indulge you in the rhythm of its sounds.

Powerful Bass

The crisp, sleek earphone is capable of producing a compelling bass. It will catch delicate frequencies. The bass vents provide Ultra-Low sounds too. It can create a unique Bass+ signature sound.

Adjustable ear shells

Philip bass+ SHL3075 highly prioritizes comfort. The ear shells are with a swiveling feature. They are well adjustable to fit your ears just right.

Sound Isolation

Philip bass+ SHL3075 will pay head to your needs for better listening. It has a closed acoustic design. This will amplify and increase sound and block out ambient noise.

Hands-free Calling

The device comes with the hands-free calling option, so you never have to take them off. It is convenient and comes with remote control. An easy-to-use remote control will allow you to play or pause tracks and answer calls with a simple push of a button.

Powerful speakers

BASS+ headphones feature 32mm speaker drivers that produce big, pumping bass. They are bold, powerful, and give out crystal clear sounds.

Cool Design

The Philips bass+ SHL3075 over the ear earphones are designed for optimal fit. They have soft ear cushions for long-wearing comfort. Flat folding design for easy portability is a good designing perk.

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What Do We like

Heavy Bass

Strong, powerful 32mm speaker drivers produce high-quality bass sounds. They have bass vents that produce BASS+ sound. Intense, loud, clear BASS is the ultimate feature of the Philips bass+ SHL3075.


BASS+ headphones feature swiveling ear shells. It has an adjustable headband. The collapsibility and adjustability will ensure an excellent fit for all wearers.

Comfortable Design

Soft, breathable ear cushions provide exceptional comfort over long listening sessions. Mic ensures hands-free calling, meaning a hassle-free call with sound even clearer than the cellphone speaker. The overall design is comfortable.

What We Don’t Like

Not suitable for prolonged use

The bass can be a little harsh on the ears if heard over a long period as it is a bass+ speaker.


The bass lovers are surely going to have a run for their money for this pair of headphones. The earphones are comfortable, adjustable, loud, and fun. This pair might be your new favorite!

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Hetavi Rudani

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