Panasonic RP-HF100M-K On Ear Stereo Headphone Review

‘Carry your music wherever you go.’ These Panasonic headphones are very light and easily portable. All you need to do is fold them and slip in your bag-pack, and you have a great companion for the day.

While traveling on a train,  bus, or metro, one can just tune into their favorite track and zone out for a few minutes. The powerful bass provides a great listening experience.

30mm Driver Unit

The headphone comes with  30mm neodymium Driver Units, which produce a clear and powerful sound. Also, the bass and the treble (10Hz-23kHz) are well balanced to provide a great hearing experience.

2-way foldable design

The flat fold and the inside fold are the two ways in which the headphones can be easily folded and carried around.


The headphone, compared to other headphones, weighs only 186 g and is super light and can be easily carried along.

High-comfort earpads

The earplugs are incredibly soft and provide exceptional comfort. The excellent fit and the cushiony earpads do not hurt the ears even while using the headphones for a long time and offer great hearing experience.

Smart inline control

An Inline Mic uses voice commands and allows to answer calls without taking off the headphones and also enables quick and easy switch between calls and music. The inline microphone is placed in the casing or connector band.

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What Do We like

Powerful Sound

Great bass and powerful sound are due to the dual 30mm drivers and neodymium magnets that deliver an exclusive balance of resonating bass and high-frequency tones for precise, natural sound.


Not only are the headphones are light in weight but also easily foldable and durable. The soft cushion-like earmuffs are super comfortable, and the headband is cut at an angle in ergonomic design. Therefore, the ears do not hurt even if the headphone is used for an extended period.


The headphones are super stylish and light and can be easily carried around while traveling. Also, the two-way foldable design enables one to just slip in the headphones in purses and backpacks. The headphone allows for you to take great sound wherever you go.

Quick switch between calls and music

The inline controls of the headphone have done away with the redundant technology where the mic used to hang in front of the phone while talking. The Panasonic headphones with smart inline mic allow quick and smooth switch between music and calls.

What We Don’t Like

Poor quality

The material that the headset is made of is not up to the mark. Although the headband is adjustable, the foam in it comes out.


The Panasonic headphone is an amalgamation of exclusive Design and functions. The headphone is not only compatible but also portable as it is light in weight, and the foldable design makes it stand out from its competitors. The earmuffs are super comfortable, and the strong bass provides a great listening experience.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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