Panasonic RP-DJ1210E-S Over-Ear Headphone Review

Everyone loves listening to music as it soothes your soul. The Panasonic-RP-DJ1210E is an ideal choice for every music lover, especially DJs and performers, because of its exclusive design, latest technology, portability, and feature of Freestyle monitoring and Swing Arm Mechanism.

These headphones are a steal as all these features are available at such a reasonable price.

Smart design

The Panasonic RP-DJ1210E headphone has a flexible and foldable design and is splash-proof. The glosses finish, and the high-end exclusive design of the headphones is one of its most striking features and is in high demand by DJ and performers.

The flexible design and the neckband makes it very convenient to use and carry around in pouches.

Wide frequency

The headphone comes with a high -input and wide frequency range driver unit of 41mm and frequency response of 5Hz-30kHz.

Splash proof

Splash-proof technology makes the headphones water-resistant,  increases their durability, and protects them from damage in case they come in contact with any liquid or sweat.

Twist-in type plug adapter

 The headphone comes in with a gold plated L plug and a twist-in-type adapter, which creates tight connection and prevents electrical surges.

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What Do We like


The sleek neckband design not only makes the headphone attractive but is also very convenient as one can wear the headphone around the neck while not using it with no fear of misplacement.


A convenient coiled cord prevents entangling of the wires, and the high-comfort earpads provide comfort and excellent hearing experience.

The earmuffs are incredibly soft to ensure everyone finds their perfect fit. The excellent fit and the cushiony earpads do not hurt the ears even while using the headphones for a long time and offer great hearing experience.


The headphones are flexible and easily foldable and can be easily carried around in backpacks or worn around the neck due to its unique neckband design.

Great sound quality

The headphone not only provides uninterrupted music on the go, but also it’s sound quality for music and voice calls is crisp and prominent with high input and frequency response of 5Hz-30kHz.

What We Don’t Like

Not multipurpose

It is not suitable for all and everyday use. It is widely used and preferred by DJs and performers.


The headphones have a glossy smart design, are splash-proof, light and easily portable, have a frequency response of 5Hz-30kHz, and come with Freestyle monitoring and Swing Arm Mechanism making them an ideal choice for DJs and performers.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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