Leaf Bass 2 Wireless Headphone Review

Leaf bass providing Leaf Bass 2 wireless Bluetooth headphones with boasts of powerful 40mm drivers for HD sound. It is designed with a deep bass technology that will help you enjoy your favorite music tracks with better sound & clarity.

The headphone has an attached Hi-Fi microphone that will help you to attend calls with a better clear voice. Leaf bass has designed this headphone with unbelievable audio.

Noise Isolation

The headphone has an ergonomic design to cut out the extra noise of your surroundings while using them. They have a noise isolation feature that allows the headphones to cancel out the sound of your surroundings, almost 95%.

Super Soft Cushion Cups

Leaf Bass 2 Headphone comes with ultra-soft cushion ear cups. Also, it has a headband cushion for your superior comfort on the head. The soft cushion cups don’t cause pain while using them for long hours.


The headphone has designed by leaf bass with the importance of listening to music while any kind of physical workout. So, they are sweatproof; you can use it during a workout. It adjustable too so fits perfectly.

Inline remote Control

The headphone has an inbuilt Inline remote control. You can conveniently increase or decrease volume, change tracks, and even answer calls with control buttons available on the right side of headphones.

Bluetooth Connectivity

It has Bluetooth v4.2 that will provide you excellent connectivity to your mobile while listening to music or attending calls.

Wired and Wireless

Leaf Bass 2 has the aux port as well so that if your headphones are ever run out of charge, you can still use them.

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What Do We like

Deep Bass & Sound Output

The headphone comes with massive deep bass. The sound is well balanced & it is loud too but not so much loud as you can listen to it on 100% volume without any distortion. You can’t stay away from your favorite music because it has loud and heavy bass.

15-hour Battery Life

The headphone has a Li-ion battery that provides you 15 hours of battery life. You can play your favorite music track for long hours; also, it takes only 2.5 hours of charging time. In one single charge, its standby duration is 300 hours.

Premium Design

The headphone comes with premium quality plastic material & it is very lightweight. It has matt finish color & glossy finish on both sides with a leaf logo.

What We Don’t Like


The mic is not of good quality, and the sound is not always clear


Despite having cheap plastic quality, this Leaf bass two headphones is worth buying. It is providing you many advance features such as deep bass, long battery life, etc.

It is a wireless headphone at a budget-friendly price. You should decide to buy this one for the best audio output as even at the full volume of the headphone, there is no issue of sound distortion.

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Komal Pandey

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