JBL Live 500BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphone Review

JBL is an American company that manufactures audio equipment, including loudspeakers and headphones. JBL never compromises the quality of their products. The JBL Live 500BT is equipped with massive 50mm drivers, and it produces JBL Signature Sound with enhanced bass.

You can easily access Google assistant or Alexa or any other assistant by just a click on the ear cup button. It also comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology. The detachable cables that come with it are very handy when you run out of battery. Just plugin and continue listening.


Voice Assistant Ready

This JBL Live 500BT headset is  Voice Assistant ready. Google Now, Siri, Amazon Alexa, name it and this headset has it. One-click to the button and you’re ready to give a voice command and get your work done easily.

Multi-Point Connection

Multi-Point Connection is a feature that very few headsets have it. It allows you to switch from one Bluetooth device to another. It only takes about one or two seconds to change the device. You can switch from your tablet to mobile easily.

Quick Charging

Time is very important for all of us nowadays. Everyone wants to save time. So JBL provides quick charging in their devices just to save your time. This headset takes only 2 hours to charge fully and an entire day of the performance on one full charge.

My JBL App

Now you can create your own customized preset with this My JBL App according to your preference. It’s just a few steps and you’ll be all ready with the app. It’s a new and good experience in the world of music.

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What Do We like


The new Ambient aware Talkthru technology is a very unique feature. Those days are done when you had to remove your headphones to talk to someone. Because this Ambient aware feature allows you to increase the ambient sound and makes it possible to hear what’s happening around.

The Talkthru mode lowers the music levels so that you can talk to your friends without even removing the headphones. All you need to do is touch a button.

Battery Life

You can enjoy music for up to 30 hours. Yes, that is the battery backup of this headset. Whereas it only takes 2 hours to charge, it will go on for 30 long hours. Insane performance it is. If you are in hurry, it takes only 15 mins to charge and your headphone is ready to work for 2 more hours.

Bass and Clarity

One simply can not explain in words how amazing the clarity and bass are of this headset. The JBL Live 500BT provides one of the best sound quality than any other headphones of this range. Bass is too high. If you listen at a higher volume, sound is still very crispy and clear.

What We Don’t Like

  • I’m glad to leave this part blank as there were no major cons found of this headset. This is a complete package. You buy this headphone and you don’t have to worry no matter what field you’re in. It’s a perfect choice at this price.


Go for it. Don’t think. Don’t settle for less if you can have this amazing beast. If the budget is not a problem for you then don’t hesitate or second thought before buying this headset. You’ll not regret the buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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