Panasonic Retro Over-The-Ear Headphone Review

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation. Panasonic aims to provide a “Better User Experience” to its consumers. Like its name, Panasonic Retro will give you the 60’s feel with its fashionable design. The powerful 40mm driver, along with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, is great. The vibrant sound and bass of this headset is something you’ll fall in love with. It’s easy to connect, very lightweight to carry, and can give you up to 24 hours of playback.


The retro look of this headphone is too good. The unisex design, being so stylish yet lightweight. And also they come in various colors too. The vibrant colors and the matte finish of the headphones looks so fashionable that it fit right to you.

Comfortable Fit

The synthetic leather earpads that have been used in these headphones are of the best quality. They feel so soft and so comfortable for your ears that give you a better experience. It is built in a way that the side pressure is as less as possible so you can put it on for longer hours without any kind of discomfort.

Easy Connect

The Bluetooth 4.1 technology of this headset is very advanced. It connects very quickly and is very fast. It takes a few seconds to connect. And once it connects, you’re good to go.

Quick Charging

Panasonic Retro has fast charged. And by quick, I mean insanely quick. One small 15 mins of charge can provide you with up to 2.5 hours of wireless music playback. The battery takes about 2 hours to charge fully.

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What Do We like

Vibrant Sound and Bass

The powerful 40mm drivers deliver a rich quality sound and heavy bass. This headphone provides sharpness in high tones and crisp vocals in low tones. The dynamic sound and the Acoustic Bass will enrich your experience in a way that you could not possibly imagine.

Battery Life

This is one of the best areas of this headset. The battery life is pretty much insane. It gives you 24 hours of wireless playback on one charge. Plus, it charges very quickly. Once you’re done with a full charge of this device, you’ll be all set to enjoy music for the whole day.

Volume Controls

The buttons that are on the headphones are handy. There are volume+/volume- and play/pause buttons on the headphone. The placement of the buttons is decent, and the quality is excellent.

What We Don’t Like

Multi-Point Connectivity

This Panasonic headset doesn’t have Multi-Point Connectivity. At this high-end budget, one would want a headphone with this feature included. Not having this is a significant con nowadays.


This Panasonic Retro is what you might call one of the most excellent products of Panasonic. The cushioned ear pads are very comfortable, connects easily, charges pretty quickly. Sound and bass are undoubtedly amazing. And as a bonus, the design of this headset is excellent.

But one major con is that it does not come with an MPC feature. If you’re someone who doesn’t need it anyway, then this is your headset to buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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