Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BTBK Wireless Over-Ear Headphone Review

Audio Technica is a Japanese company that makes headphones, microphones, and many other audio equipments. Audio Technica pioneer in high-performance sound design.

With a dynamic driver of 40mm, the Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BT provides you with pure audio and exceptional sound quality in a Bluetooth headphone. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology is lightning fast and connects easily.

It is very lightweight and comfortable. It comes with a built-in mic and controls into the left ear cup. Noise isolation feature is pretty good, and the battery life of this headphone is amazingly insane. Foldable so takes very little space.


Lightweight and Comfortable

This headphone from Audio-Technica is very lightweight.  It weighs around 100 grams. Pretty much nothing compared to the other headphones out there. It is very comfortable also for being so lightweight. You can wear them for hours and won’t feel a thing.

Dual Layer

The ATH-SR30BT has a simple dual-layer isolation housing structure that keeps the electric circuitry separate from the acoustic space for transient response and optimal phasing. This is some engineering that has been done.

Mic and Controls

The built-in mic quality is pretty good for having conversations. The audio transmits appropriately to the other person that you’re talking to, making it adequately clear for them to hear your voice without distorting.

The controls are placed nicely on the left ear cup of the headphone. You can play/pause the tracks, or change the tracks using those controls. Receive calls handsfree now.

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What Do We like


This is a pretty useful feature for any headset these days. When you’re done with listening, you can fold it flat for storing it someplace efficiently. It becomes portable and takes very little space to store after folding it properly. This is good for traveling purposes.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation feature in this headset is pretty decent. It blocks the external sounds up to 90%, helping you focus on the music that you’re listening. No one likes to hear the background noises while listening to any audio or video.

Battery Life

The battery life of this headset is insane. It will give you a whopping 70 hours of playback time. That is pretty crazy, to be honest. The standby time of the headset is about 200 hours. It takes around 4 hours to charge properly. The music doesn’t have to stop on this headset.

What We Don’t Like

Aux Port

Despite being a high-end budget headphone, this one doesn’t have an aux cable port. So when it runs out of juice, you can’t simply plug in the 3.5mm jack and start listening. You have to charge it then.


Audio Technica is a reliable brand for headphones. It is extremely lightweight and very comfortable for your ears. Being foldable this becomes portable and takes very little space to store.

Noise isolation is pretty decent. Battery life is the main attraction of this headset. It is the key feature. It provides you up to 70-72 hours of playback time non-stop. It also comes with a 1 year warranty. If you have the budget for it then go for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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