Boat Rockerz 400 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone Review

Boat is a significantly well known audio equipment company, emphasizing on the best in class products having value for price aspects which was one of the major reasons of their noticeable share in the market.

Resonance at its finest, producing high definition of sound meant to enlighten your hearing senses with the delight which is brought by the very headset of BOAT ROCKERZ 400 bluetooth supporting handset, having 40 mm drivers and can be used both as wired as well as wireless handset, bringing convenience of usage.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Giving the option of portability of music without the hassle of wires, BOAT ROCKERZ 400 comes with full bluetooth support, as the device can be easily paired thus facilitating connectivity and blissful music on the go.

Strong Battery Powe

Music being the biggest getaway from the hectic lives, charging repeatedly might cause one big of a problem, thus BOAT ROCKERZ 400 got you sorted with its power packed battery life of 8 hours for smooth music experience.

Dual Mode

While some like it connected to the port through wires itself, this headset gives the option of using the headphones as per the liking of the user, it might be connected, it can be plugged in or wireless, thus giving it an edge in the norms of personal preferences.

On the Ear Experience

Those times are gone where long hours of having the earplugs used to cause pain and issues after prolonged usage, this headset has a sturdy on the ear build, providing comfort to the ears and supporting long usage for all the music lovers out there.

Powerful Bass

What’s life without a little bass in life, as much as the bass soothes the senses of our earbuds to its maximum, these handsets with the powerful and optimum sound quality would enhance the experience of music like none other.

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What Do We like

Foldable and Comfortable Design

Busy days and messy lives, Lots to keep and short on storage space, BOAT ROCKERZ give an added advantage of foldable nature providing for super storage solutions, also the stylish carbon black skin with padded cushions for easing out the hearing itself.

Noise Cancellation

It comes with a built in Noise Cancellation to clear out all those extra and unwanted noises out there for a clearer, better and splendid sound.

Dual Mode

Making it convenient for both plug in and wireless modes, as per the user’s choice and preference, giving an added advantage under the spectrum of both the wired and wireless sound equipment being the two natured headset.

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not support a voice assistant for added assistance in music hearing experience
  • Foldable design might cause it to be fragile and caution would be expected to maintain in regards with the headset


As a whole the headset gives excellent hearing out experience with its strong bass and noise cancelling features, sturdy and compatible design providing convenience of dual mode and bluetooth connectivity makes it a total value for price and a must buy.

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Hari Priya

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