V-Guard Water Heater Victo Insta 3 Ltr Review

V-GUARD offers a unique range of engineered products that are designed to make your life easier. It provides products right from Voltage Stabilizer to Domestic pumps. V-guard is one of the most trustable brands in manufacturing water heaters. This V-Guard Victo water heater suits everyone’s budget and is mainly for home purposes.

With its high-quality heating element and stainless steel impact body, it’s a total package at such a low price. And it comes with the installation connection pipes for free — no extra charges for them.


LED Indicators

This V-Guard water heater comes with LED Indicators. They will notify you when the water is hot and ready to use. So the days of you checking up every once in a while whether the heating up process is done or not are gone.

Robust Body

Water heater’s outer body starts corroding faster because of the moisture present in the bathroom. The exterior body of the V-Guard water heater is made of a rustproof polymer which gives it a premium look as well as more extended the life period.


This V-Guard water heater has a four-layered safety mechanism. The thermostat and the thermal cut ensures the temperature regulation.

It automatically cuts the power so that the heat levels can not exceed the upper limit. It also has a magnesium anode that makes it usable even in rough water conditions.

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What Do We like

6.5 Bar Pressure

This V-Guard Water Heater has 6.5 rated pressure bar. The water pressure on the geyser tank calculates in terms of “bar,” so the more the bars more pressure it can withstand. 6.5 bar pressure is pretty for this price range.

Stainless Steel Tank

This water heater’s inner tank is made of rustproof stainless steel. The high-quality stainless steel protects your water heater’s tank from rusting.

High-Quality Heating Element

The heating element of this V-Guard water heater is made of high-quality copper. This ensures the long life span of the water heater. And it can heat the water very quickly. It takes about 3-5 minutes maximum to heat the water properly. The performance is outstanding and will last long.

Installation Kit

This V-Guard Water Heater comes with inlet and outlet connection pipes for installation purposes without any extra charges. You don’t have to buy them separately. It comes right out of the box.


What We Don’t Like


At this price range, V-Guard could’ve offered more water storage capacity. Many water heaters are providing the same size but at a lesser price than this one. Three liters is not sufficient enough.



In the end, I’d say it has a warranty of 2 years and three years for the inner tank.  The performance quality is decent and stable of this water heater. It is budget-friendly and worth buying. It is as good as it can get for an instant water heater at this price range.

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Koushik Mondal

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