V-Guard water heater victo 15 litres Review

V-Guard is a major electrical appliance manufacturing company in India. It offers a range of products like geysers, voltage stabilizers, Inverter, Electric Water Heaters, and many more products. It provides good quality and long-lasting electrical appliances. V-Guard water heater is a 4 star rated geyser that is designed for those people who appreciate the value of a good product in a low budget. This product involves great design, texture, and finish to it.

V-Guard water heater is easy to operate and you can easily adjust its temperature with the help of the knob given on it. It has ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material coating which enhances its quality and makes it rustproof. It comes in three different categories in terms of its storage capacities which are 10 L, 15 L, and 25 L. The dimensions of this geyser are 30.5 cm body diameter and 54.3 cm body height which is quite compact and compatible for a small bathroom. Its weight is around 8 kg. The price of the water heater is just 8,700 INR.


Safe to use

It provides four-layered safety :

A thermostat that automatically regulates temperature.

A thermal cut-off is the electric safety device and is used for interrupting electric current when heated to a specific temperature.

Sacrificial Anode is used to prevent the device from corroding or rusting.

Multi-functional Valve

The longevity of the device: Its outer body is made of mild steel which is of good quality and doesn’t corrode easily. It provides corrosion resistance, as well as the device, which is rustproof. So, the body of the geyser won’t get harmed for a long long time.

Excellent Build Quality

The build quality of this product is extremely good as the inner tank of this geyser is made of high-quality steel and is provided with a glass lining that acts well against corrosion and provides a thick anti-corrosive coating.

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What Do We like


If any damage happens to your device or you are unsatisfied with its service then you get a warranty card with it which provides 2 years of warranty for the device, 3 years warranty for the heating element and 5 years warranty for the inner tank.

Ideal for daily use

It is very much ideal for daily use and provides a good service. It is ideal for a small household and multi-storeyed buildings as it can withstand 8 bar pressure.


It is safe to use and is provided with all the four layers which provide an excellent service in terms of corrosion and water temperature.

What We Don’t Like

Slow heating

It needs about 25 minutes to heat the 15 L of water. So, you will have to schedule accordingly for it.


It is a value for money product and is 5 stars rated in terms of energy consumption. Without a doubt, you can go for this product if you are willing to buy one as it provides an excellent service and will run for a long time.

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