V-Guard Iris Instant Water Heater Review

V Gaurd offers a variety of products right from Digital UPS to Voltage stabilizers. It has a wide range of Inverter, Inverter batteries, Electric geysers, solar water heaters, pumps, and much more. This V-Guard water heater is a budget-friendly product for home purposes. With its powerful heating element and rustproof tank, it’s a total package at such a low price. So why wait? Bring home this elegant water heater from V Guard.


Long-Lasting Body

Most of the Water heater’s outer body starts corroding faster because of the excess moisture present in the bathroom. The exterior body of the V-Guard water heater is made of rustproof engineered polymer and sturdy inner tank, which gives it a premium look as well as longer the life period.

Power Consumption

The Power Consumption of this water heater is less compared to other water heaters out there at the market. You can heat water as much as you need without worrying about the electricity bill anymore.

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What Do We like

6.5 Bar Pressure

This V-Guard Water Heater has 6.5 rated pressure bar. It is an ideal choice for high rise buildings. It won’t matter on which floor do you live anymore. The water pressure will be stable and decent.

Stainless Steel Tank

This water heater’s inner tank is made of rustproof stainless steel. The high-quality stainless steel protects your water heater’s tank from rusting.

Power Heating Element

The heating element of this V-Guard water heater is made of high-quality copper. This ensures the long life span of the water heater and the heating element. And it is known to heat the water quickly. It takes about 3-5 minutes maximum to heat the water properly. The performance is excellent and will last long.

What We Don’t Like

LED Indicators

There are no LED Indicators in this water heater. So you can’t know for sure without checking for yourself when the water is hot and ready to use. You gotta check it every once in a while.



This product comes with a 2-year outer body warranty and five years of inner tank warranty. The build quality is good, and the stainless steel tank is very advanced. This is a pocket-friendly water heater for 2-3 users max. If you live alone or there are few members in your family then go for this product.

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Koushik Mondal

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