Singer Fonta Instant Water Heater Review

Hot water is something that every individual craves,  be it the matter of cough/strains on various parts of the body,  it plays a vital role in curing them.  Sometimes,  it refreshes one’s mind to an extent that a state of peacefulness is achieved,  creating a harmony between the mind and soul,  thereby putting them to work in a right coordination.

Well,  gone are the days when you had to struggle hard enough to boil a water,  these days,  all you need to do is,  switch on a button and you will get your required quantity of water at the place you wish for,  also at the very time you yearn for the same.  Creating its way through the improving technologies,  here’s to another wonderful  , “Singer Fonta Instant Water Heater”.The water heater , along with its outstanding physical outlook , it’s other features might actually get one into buying it .

Physical Outlook

It has a very stylish and classy appearance that can add up to the beauty of your place.

Thermal cut-out

The products support the thermal cut-off feature , that is , it gets switched off as soon as the required temperature is reached .


It has a promising stainless steel tank of about 1 Litre that supplies for the instantly required hot water .

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What Do We like

Indicator Light

It has an indicator light, which serves as a medium for the user to understand when the water is ready, thereby making their life easier.

Glass Wool insulation

It provides for a Glass Wool isulations that keeps one save due to its high therml insulation properties,  preventing the tank from getting damaged due to high temperatures, hence increasing the durability of the product.

Heating Element

The nickel-plated heating element increases the efficiency of the product due to nickel’s chemically inert nature.

What We Don’t Like


It has a small storage tank i.e., 1 Litre, making it difficult for people who bath continously for long hours and with a sufficiently large quality of water.


The company has always been up to the expectations of the customers and with the introduction of such an exceptionally highly efficient and cost-effective device, it has made a step forward towards the market. It offers for certain perks with the ever-ready helpline numbers and the warranty periods to tackle the issues of the customers regarding the product, thus making it extremely reliable.

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Hari Priya

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