Orient Electric EcoSmart Plus 25-Litre Storage Water Heater Review

The Orient Electric Eco Smart Plus has a very well design and attractive look. The water heater has a titanium enamel – coated tank for longevity and has high-grade shockproof abs body.

Orient Eco smart plus water storage is provided with excellent corrosion resistance. It is loaded with a glass line coated heating element, which ensures optimized heating of water in a short time.

It is provided with a magnesium anode rod, which keeps the tanks from anti-scaling. It can withstand up to 8 bar pressure. It consumes the power of the 2000 watts.


Plastic Outer Body

The external body of the water heater is made up of ABS, which is Shockproof, sturdy, and rustproof, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Glassline Coated Heating Element

The water heater consists of a glass line coated heating element that prevents the element from corrosion and ensures optimized heating of water.

PUF Insulation & MG Anode Rod

The tank of the water heater has PUF insulation for better heat retention inside the tank and the Magnesium anode rod, which prevents the tank from scale formation.

BEE 5 Star Rating

The water heater is energy efficient. It has been rated five stars by BEE, which means that it saves energy and doesn’t let you worry about huge electricity bills.

Titanium Enamel-Coated Tank

The tank of the water heater has a titanium enamel coating, which ensures the longevity of the product.

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What Do We like

Multi-Functional Valve

The water heater is consisting of the multi-functional valve, which increases the safety of the water heater.

Temperature Control Knob

The water heater is provided with temperature controlling knob outside the body. The user can manage the temperature as per requirement.


The water heater is suitable for the multi-story buildings as it can withstand the pressure up to 8 bar.

Storage Capacity

The water heater can store the water up to 25l, which means the water heater is suitable for the family of 7-8 members. The water can be stored for other purposes for a longer time.

Resistance to Rust and Corrosion

The water heater is rust free and corrosion free as it has ABS outer body and PUF insulation to make it durable.

Energy Efficient

It does not consume much electricity as it is energy efficient and has been rated five stars by BEE.

What We Don’t Like

No major cons were observed


The new Eco smart plus water heater from the orient is beautifully designed. It has the ABS body and glass line tank for an optimum balance between aesthetics and performance.

The water heater is suitable for high rise buildings. It is energy efficient as it has been rated 5 Star. The huge 25L storage capacity allows the storage of water for the whole family.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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