Morphy Richards Cutie 1-Litre 3000-Watt Geyser Review

Morphy Richards cutie gives you an instant refreshing shower and enlivens your day by hot and soothing water droplets. It is designed to perfectly suit the need for a small family by providing a capacity of 1 liter. The prismatic design of the geyser helps to fit the layout of your house. It can be used for multipurpose, i.e. from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Cutie is made up of a non-corrosive plastic body and has an advanced heating element that enhances hot water. The geyser is best suited for high rise buildings because of its pressure capabilities. It has a digital display to inform about the water level, the thermal cutoff for safety and security purposes, and adjustable thermostat. It is equipped with a three-step safety system and dual neon indication.


The product is an instant geyser which works to provide the hot water as soon as possible. It is made to fulfill the need for small families and tiny cafes as it has 1 liter of capacity. The water gets heat up in a few minutes because of the small capacity factor.

Durable and stylish

The product is designed in such a way that it can add on to the class of the person that suited its lifestyle. The color of the product has been a blend that would match the color of your tile so that it does not look odd in the kitchen or bathroom.

Heating Element

The product is equipped with the advance Incoloy heating element, which will eventually enhance the life of the customer. Advance incoloy would facilitate excellent corrosion resistance, which will give strength to the glass-lined tank to hold water in high temperatures.

Tank Coating

It is made up of a non-corrosive engineered plastic body which maintains the heat inside the geyser. The plastic body provides thick resistance, which helps to retain heat at maximum. Resistance helps to eliminate heat loss which reduces wait time and saves electricity, the corrosion-proof help to enhance durability.

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What Do We like

Power Consumption

The product has a power consumption of around 3000 watts, which is minimal energy consumption as compared to other products. This minimal consumption increases its energy efficiency, which will help to reduce your electricity bill.

Safety and security

Thermal cut off help to control the temperature. It facilitates protection and safety from overheating by fusing above a certain limit of heat generated in it. Apart from the cut-off, 8 bar pressure withstanding pressure help to maintain geyser in a high rise of pressure in various situation.

What We Don’t Like

Physical wear-out

Although the product has various features from designing to thermal cut-off, it lacks in robust physical structure. 


Morphy Richards cutie has various features like capacity, stylish, advance heating element, and tank coating, which makes it a perfect choice for the consumer and benefits such as power consumption, safety, and security put the icing on the cake. But the product still has a vulnerable physical structure, and the company has to work on it.

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Yash Jain

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