Maharaja Whiteline Warmist 15-Litre Water Heater Review

Maharaja Whiteline has been a leader in innovation ever since it was founded in 1976. It has more than 40 years of brand value. It is the largest range in the industry across kitchen appliances, home comfort, and garment care.

Maharaja is a very trusted and old manufacturer of water heaters. This 15-liter water heater is also a right product. The powerful heating element is durable, 5-star energy saving will consume less power; multiple safety systems are there too.

The pressure bar is perfect for high buildings, and the inner tank quality is very advanced.

Powerful Heating Element

The 2000 watt powerful heating element can heat the water in a pretty decent amount of time. Not too fast or not too slow, either. The high-grade Incoloy heating element ensures the safety of it even in hard water conditions. And it is made to be durable.

Outer Body

The outer body of this water heater is made of solid ABS tech plastic. It is pretty sturdy and durable too. The excess moisture of the bathroom won’t hurt the exterior.

Multiple Safety

The Multifunctional safety valve makes sure the water pressure is under control. In case it exceeds the limit, then it discharges the water to make it stable. And the auto Thermal cut out function is also an excellent addition to it. If the water exceeds the extreme temperature limit, then it automatically cuts the power preventing any harm to you.

Energy Saving

This water heater from Maharaja has been rated as 5-star energy saving. This means it’ll consume very little power even if it runs for a longer period.

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What Do We like

Glass Lined Tank

We want our products to last long. This Glass-lined inner tank of this water heater will provide you the maximum protection from the hard water conditions. The coating also helps this tink to be corrosion and rust-resistant. Hence the inner tank becomes more durable.

Anode Rod

This Magnesium Anode Rod in this water heater increases the durability of it altogether. It protects the tank from electro corrosion and also safeguards it from hard water conditions. Because durability is the priority here.

Pressure Bar

The pressure bar of this water heater is rated 8 bar. 8 bar pressure for any water heater is pretty insane. It is recommended for high rise buildings because even on the top floors the water pressure will be excellent and stable.

Smart Water Diffuser

This is a great new technology to save your power consumption of the water heater. It takes a minimal amount of hot and cold water together, increasing the heating process and decreasing the power consumption of the water heater.

What We Don’t Like

Installation Pipes

At this price range, the water heater should have come with the installation pipes. You have to buy them separately now.


Maharaja is a very trusted brand for this kind of appliance. This water heater from Maharaja is something you can rely on.

It has many features such as a very sturdy outer body to corrosion free inner tank, high pressure bar, smart water diffuser for power saving, and mainly multiple safety systems. What else do you need? Go for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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