Longway Hot Spring 3 LTR Instant Water Heater Review

Longway presents its hot spring geyser which comes under the category of the instant water geyser. This is heater is specially designed for those who are in a hurry and don’t have sufficient time to wait. The material used in the geyser is top-notch so that it can last for a few years. The product is made on AVS Technology so that you can get heated water in a few minutes.

It is very elegant and attractive because of its different body designs. Also, it has an ISI certification which proves that the product is made up of according to the Indian standard. The power consumption is 3000 watt. The product has a warranty of 24 months on the tank and 12 months on electrical components.


The product has a capacity of 3 liters so that you can get an instant heated water. The product is made according to the need for small families. The geyser is made of stainless steel so that it can fasten the process of heating water.

ABS body

The product is made up of ABS body which is refined plastic which is primarily used in the geyser to provide resistant from heat and electricity to the consumer. The main purpose is to save the customer from burn and shocks. It also helps to save the product from corrosive as it is non-metallic.

Anti-vacuum system

This helps to protect tanks from conditions that may cause damage or deformation which causes product leakage. It acts as a safety feature by providing effective vacuum protection which boosts process reliability over a longer period. This not only acts as a safety feature but also help to provide corrosion against the melting of the metal

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What Do We like

Magnesium anode rod

the product has magnesium anode rode whose work is to provide resistance against corrosion. Magnesium is more reactive to the water which makes it absorb rust first then to the steel. Magnesium helps to increase the durability of anode rode by saving the internal material from rusting and corrosion of steel.

Automatic thermostat

A thermostat is a component whose main work is to indicate to the customer when the temperature exceeds a certain limit and take action so that it would be maintained near a desired setpoint. thermostat help to save it from overuse, heavy voltage current, and ignition of the heater.

What We Don’t Like


The built quality of the product is not that great if not taken care of the geyser might stop working after a few months.


Longway Hot Spring has various features such as capacity, ABS body and Anti-vacuum system which makes it compelling and alluring for the customer. It also has various advantages such as the automatic thermostat and magnesium anode rode which add-on to the value of the product. But the company still has to resolve the Quality issue

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Yash Jain

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