Longway Xolo Gold DLX 7 Litre Review

Longway presents its Xolo Gold DLX model which comes with an in-built capacity of 7 liters which help to suit it for the situation where a large amount of water is required. It is a fully automated gas geyser that provides instant heated water powered by Japanese technology. The product is rated 5 star which means that the power consumption is very minimal.

Xolo is very elegant and attractive because of its different body design and has a top-class feature which makes it marvelous and snob choice for the customers. It comes with various functions such as gas flow control and water flow control which can be adjusted according to the situation. It also has a summer/ winter knob to deliver water according to the environmental conditions.


Automatic water heater

The product Comes with Fully Auto Matic Japanese Technology which helps it to reduce the time and workload of the consumer. It has a Microprocessor which helps to electronically controlled circuit which result in the smooth working of the water heater. It gets shut-off after the 20 min usage so that it can save it from overuse and burning of the heater.


The product has innate characteristics such as cut-out which help to provide safety from power fluctuation and retain the product in working condition over a longer period. Cut-out help to save it from overuse, heavy voltage current, and ignition of the heater. Suitability for higher and lower pressure also adds to it.

Durable and efficient

The product is inbred with ZPR technology which helps to produce heated water efficiently. It also has Extra-Large Burner with Summer Winter Options for Quick Water Heating. It is made up of copper because it is a very effective heat conductor and has a high melting point.

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What Do We like

Power consumption

Product is rated as 5 stars which means that it consumes the power of less than .320 kHz in 24 hours in the temperature of 450 C. It also means that it uses 75% than Electric Geysers and 30% More Gas Saving By Using the Best Extra Heavy Heat Exchanger. This ultimately reduces the electricity bill.13.

Flame Failure Safety Device

It means that the device is designed to stop flammable gas going to the burner which helps to control inflate fire flames. It also has an Over Heating Safety System which helps to ensure safety to the consumer. Various in-built knob help to control usage and automatic system help to shut it down which adds-on in the safety of the product.


What We Don’t Like


The product is good with internal features but lacks in quality of the product used in making the product especially the outer side of it.  



The product has various attributes such as Automatic water heater, Cut-out, and Durable and efficient working which makes it value for money for the customer. Advantages such as low power consumption and Flame Failure Safety devices help to recover the cost of the product by reducing the expenses of the customer but the company still has to figure out the quality of the product.

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Yash Jain

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