Longway Superb 15Ltr Storage Water Heater Review

Longway is a very known company in the water heater market currently. They make quality products and do not compromise with the product quality.

With its 2000 watt powerful copper heating element, it can heat the water very quickly. The pressure bar of this geyser is 6.5, which is pretty good for buildings. This energy-saving water heater consumes so less power that you won’t see a difference in your electricity bill.

Heating Indicator

This geyser comes with two indicator lights. One red light and one green. When the red one is on, that means the water is heating, and when the green one is on, then it means the water has reached its maximum temperature and ready to use.

Power Saving

The water heater has been rated 5-star energy-saving products. It consumes very less power to operate. No more large electricity bills even if you use it for a long time.

Temperature Meter

This Longway water heater comes with a temperature meter built in it. This will indicate how much hot the water is currently or will be when it’s done the heating. So you can see for yourself the temperature and decide when to turn off the geyser from further heat the water.

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What Do We like

Pressure Bar

The pressure bar of this water heater is rated as 6.5 bar. It will be pretty much enough for a four-story building. The water pressure will be decent and will fill a whole bucket in no time.

Copper Heating Element

This comes with a powerful 2000 watt copper heating element. The copper coil won’t wear off anytime soon. It is built to be durable and run for a longer period without disturbing. It can heat the water as quickly as possible.

Safety Valve

The safety valve is designed to relieve the water pressure automatically and releasing the water if the water temperature exceeds the pre-set limit. It ensures your and your family’s safety and prevents any kind of injuries.

Anti Vacuum System

This is a pretty useful feature in a water heater of this price range. The Anti Vacuum Valves are there to prevent any vacuum forming in installations, where it might happen.


What We Don’t Like

Heat Storing

The only con of this geyser is that it doesn’t store the water heated for much longer than 30 minutes or so.  You might need to heat water more than once.


This water heater is full of pros. Starting from the temperature meter to the latest anti vacuum system is mind-blowing. Longway has thought of it all.

The heat-storing time might be limited but doesn’t mean it’s a wrong product. It’s one of the best water heaters at this price range and has a good value of money.

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Koushik Mondal

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