Longway Superb 10L Storage Water Heater Review

Coming home after a long hectic day and having a hot water bath is something refreshing, or having a morning hot water bath soothes you for the whole day. Longway Water heater goes perfect with your bathroom. It is an instant water heater with 10L capacity.

It is preferable for those who are in a hurry. The material used in the geyser is of top quality, which makes this heater highly durable. It has the features of the anti-vacuum system, automatic thermostat, and extra heavy heating element. It also comes with magnesium anode for longer life.

MG Anode

Mg ions increase product durability and life by preventing the tank from electro corrosion, which helps in increasing the lifespan of the product.

Thermal Cut Out

Longway water heater has a feature of thermal cut out that interrupts electric current when the heating element is heated to a specific temperature, which will save electricity and protects from dry heating.

Automatic Thermostat

With this product, there is no worry that the heater will deliver very hot water or less hot water because of the presence of an automatic thermostat, which will give you water as per your need by sensing the temperature and prevents from overheating.

AVS Technology

This water heater has an Anti-Vacuum technology, which never creates a vacuum inside the tank when there is no water in it.

Vertical Mounting

This water heater is a vertical mounting that makes its exclusive design look very much unique and top-notch, and it is suitable for large wall spaces.

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What Do We like

ABS Plastic Body

The body of the water heater is made up of ABS material that has features like shock-proof, sturdiness, and rust-proof. The heater’s ABS body contributes to two things – it makes this heater visually appealing, and it adds to its lifespan.

Built-in Pressure Release Valve

The pressure release valve in this water heater ensures your safety by letting out steam buildup


It has a 10L capacity water tank, which is enough for a family. Not only you, but your entire family gets relaxed and stays happy with the usage of this water heater.


It is an instant water heater that takes only a couple of minutes to make cold water hot. So, whenever you want to take a refreshing bath, there is no need to wait for long.

HD Element

Heavy-duty heating element ensures extra heating and durability of the water heater.

What We Don’t Like

The power consumption is high


Longway Superb 10L Instant Water Heater is an excellent choice for a family. It is an instant water heater that will provide you with hot water in a couple of minutes.

It has features like an anti-vacuum system, automatic thermostat, and thermal cutout. It has a heavy heating element. The body is made up of ABS material, and it comes with MG anode, which both makes it durable and ensures long product life.

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