Longway Superb 25L Water Geyser Review

Longway is a famous company in the water heater market currently. They make quality products and do not compromise with the product quality. This is one of the best water heaters from Longway.

The ultra power saving will reduce the electricity bills; the heating indicator will let you know when it’s hot and ready to use.

Temp meter is there to let you know how hot the water is, the powerful copper heating element is very durable, and various safety systems are built in it. At this price range, you couldn’t ask for anything better.

Heating Indicator

There are two LED indicators in this water heater. The red one will indicate that it is running and the water is being heated; the green one will notify you that it is done and the water is now ready to use.

Power Saving

It is being rated as a 5-star energy-saving water heater. This will consume very much less electricity than most of the water heaters out there. Use for how long you will need it.

Temperature Meter

There is a temperature meter built on the water heater. It will allow you to see how hot the water is getting. So that when it reaches your desired level, you could manually kill the power and then use the water.

ABS Body

This water heater is coated with ABS Plastic body, which happens to be shockproof. It also comes with seven tanks processed Powder Coated Body so that it can fight rust easily. And it is very durable and sturdy too.

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What Do We like

Pressure Bar

This Longway water heater is rated as 6.5 bar. This is pretty decent, I’d say. It’s not the best but not the least too. For high rise buildings, it will do the job. Water pressure very would be stable to use.


Safety is the primary concern of every water heater. Firstly the thermal cut out feature is there, which cuts the power automatically if the water temperature exceeds the pre-set limit, preventing any kind of damage. And then, the multifunctional safety valve releases the water if the water pressure exceeds the pre-set limit. Both of these features make you and your family safe.

Copper Heating Element

The Longway water heater comes with this Heavy Copper Heating Element. Which is very powerful, heat the water in a decent time. It is also known to be to very durable and sturdy too. It is suitable for pretty much every water condition.

Anti Vacuum System

This anti vacuum system is an essential feature, mostly while installing it. The anti vacuum valves use the hot water to prevent from forming a vacuum in installations. When there is very much potential to exceed the rate of flow. This can also be stated as another safety measurement.

What We Don’t Like

No major or minor drawbacks were found on this product.


This Longway water heater is an excellent product at this price range. Nowadays, very few companies would provide you with such features at this low-end budget water heater.

The 25-liter water heater is also perfect for a family of 4-5 members. Enough hot water for every one of them. This is a must-buy product.

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Koushik Mondal

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