Inalsa PSG 15-liter Storage Water Heater Review

Inalsa has always been the number one choice of Indian consumers when they think of small home appliances. t is. Inalsa is a very old company and is one of the fastest-growing appliance companies that most of us have heard about. Its products are always of good quality.

The Inalsa PSG water heater is not an exception either. The 15-liter storage water heater comes with a 2kw powerful copper heating element. The stainless steel inner tank is very sturdy and the 6.8 pressure bar makes sure it doesn’t give you any trouble even if you live in high rise buildings.

ABS Body

The storage water heater’s body is a shockproof ABS body. It is made of solid plastic and is very durable and sturdy. The outer body of this water heater is decent and pretty stylish.


The storage capacity of this water heater is 15 liter. Enough hot water for a small family I hope. It’s not too little, nor too much. Once you heat up the whole amount of water it can be used by multiple people.

Thermal Cutout

This feature is been added to this water heater even at this price range. It allows the heater to turn off the power automatically if the temperature of the water exceeds the pre-set level somehow. It ensures everyone’s safety.

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What Do We like

Inner Tank

The inner tank of this Inalsa PSG storage water heater is made of stainless steel. It is corrosion resistant and is made in a way to be durable and long-lasting. The material is very solid that has been used in this product.

Copper Heating Element

The powerful 2000 watt copper heating element is the key feature of this water heater. The copper coil doesn’t wear out that easily. It comes with a Dual U copper tube. It is made to last longer than any other water heaters of this range. It can heat up the water quite quickly.

Pressure Bar

The pressure bar is rated at 6.8. Which means it is pretty decent for high rise buildings. Not the first choice, but if you are on a budget then this is your product. You’ll get decent water pressure.

Safety Valve

Inalsa put the safety valve feature in this model of water heater at this small budget. It basically relieves the water pressure and releases the water. It is one of the key features regarding the safety of the customers.

What We Don’t Like

LED Indicators

There are no LED Indicators on this water heater. This means you won’t know when your water is hot and ready to use without checking every once in a while.


This storage water heater from Inalsa is a decent budget-friendly product. The LED Indicator is not there but you can always check manually if the water is hot or not.

Apart from this minor con, there is not much to say about this product as it is a very pocket-friendly product. It also comes with a warranty of 5 years on the inner tank and 2 years warranty for the product. So it’s worth a buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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