Hindware Acero (15L, 2kW Storage Water Heater) Review

Technology is moving ahead! It doesn’t matter whether you bath daily or once a week. The hot water is all you need to refresh and set your mind to work. However, you will definitely not enjoy getting yourself in the kitchen to boil water. Hence to fulfill your needs, Hindware presents you the newest of all – “Acero 15L, 2kW Storage Water Heater”.

The beautiful combination of white and cream colors can add up to the beauty of your place. It provides for superior safety and could be used for obtaining hot waters even when it’s not wintertime.


It has an excellent storage capacity of 15L that is more than enough for an individual to take a bath and do the necessary chores with it.

Class 1 Pressure

It is perfect for multi-story buildings as it is built in such a manner that it can withstand high pressures.


The tank is built with stainless steel material, SS 304 grade, and is equipped with materials to resist the corrosion activity and contains a copper heating elements for instant or rather faster heating.

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What Do We like


It has an immersed thermostat that measures the temperature of the water and instantly cuts-off when the required temperature that is set is reached.

Multi-Story Structures

It is designed such that it can withstand high pressures up to 6.5 bar and thus making it suitable and ideal enough for multi-story buildings.


It is the most suitable and efficient water heater when it comes to performance and cost. Thus it is an easy reach for every section of society.

What We Don’t Like

Electricity Dependent

The device is totally dependent on electricity that can be a limitation when it comes to its use at places where there is an electricity crisis.


The device weighs for about 5 kg and hence needs a complete knowledge about the various appropriate places to look for installation.


Hindware has always been up to the expectations of the customers, and with this product, it’s just adding to some more. It is absolutely easy to maintain and use, and the company provides for a 24*7 helpline to cater to the issues placed by its customers. Besides, there is an assured warranty period up to 5 years on its various parts. Thus, this product is a must-buy for those looking for geysers.

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Hari Priya

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