Havells Opal 3-Litre Instant Heater Review

Havells is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India. They have a wide range of geysers right from instant water heaters, storage water heaters and gas water heaters. The Havells geysers give hot water quickly in order to save water and electricity. The water heaters form Havells are compact in design and helps in saving a lot of space.  The brand is popular and trustworthy.                               

The Havells opal instant geyser is a 3-liter instant water heater. It has many unique features. It is a promising device and works best for high rise buildings.



Body Design

The Havells opal instant geyser has a 3-liter capacity. The geyser has Feroglass coated tank and it has a single weld-line design.

It has a unique oval shape and can be vertically wall-mounted. The outer body is made up of Rust and shockproof ABS for a long-lasting lifetime. The inner body is made of 304-grade stainless steel. It uses the copper heating element


Havells opal instant geyser performs best with 3000 watts power. It requires an operating voltage of 220 – 240 volts. It has an Incoloy heating element. The mixing rate is 30%. The geyser has Energy Saving High-Density PUF Insulations.


The Havells geysers have 6.5 Bar Pressure. The .65 MPa Bar Pressure enables the geyser to work well in pressure pump applications. This makes it ideal for high rise buildings and other high located areas.

Twin indicator lamp

Havells opal instant geyser has a new and unique feature. It has a twin indicator lamp. The twin indicator can understand and signal out if the water is hot enough to use. This will save time from manually checking if the water is ready or not.

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What Do We like

Adjustable Knob

The geyser comes with an adjustable knob. Adjustment knob allows you to set the temperature as per convenience. This can help to find out just the right amount of hotness or coldness as per one’s requirements.

Incoloy element

Havells opal instant geyser has the Incoloy element. It refers to the range of superalloys. It is a mixture of nickel-iron-chromium. This ensures longevity in the lifetime of the device.


Havells opal instant geyser ensures optimum safety and security. The geyser has power cords that are of fire retardant material. It has a thermostat and thermal cut off technology and a multi-functional valve.

What We Don’t Like


The 3-liter capacity is the geysers maximum capacity. It might slow down if the flow has been increased. The device might not be able to heat as efficiently if the water level surpasses the given limit.


Havells opal instant geyser is Low on power consumption. It provides accurate heat control. It will give you choices to get the right water temperature. It is very efficient. It is a safe product. And will be the best choice for high rise buildings.

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Hetavi Rudani

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