Kamachi OB-331 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike Review

Kamachi made sure that you add fun to your workout sessions, thus, introducing the OB-331 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike – an exercise bike for your heavy workout session. This high-quality fitness machine is made using high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use.

The OB-331 Elliptical Orbitrack gives you a more consistent workout and ensures you that you are working the same muscles that are also used when using outdoor bikes. It uses your whole body for that exceptional workout experience. It is a high-quality workout but maintaining a low-impact to decrease the risk of getting injured.


Digital Window

This orbitrack bike comes with an LCD digital display which indicates the time, distance, speed and calories burnt to enable you to monitor the results of your routine.

Working out is not all about achieving physical improvements but also being able to see evident results. This helps you to get motivated to do more. It is always a great deal to get to know how you perform in your workout.


Kamachi OB-331 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike comes with a steel wheel, a hand pulse with dual action handles. This bike can be used in many exercise activities that firm the upper arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles for that satisfying workout experience.

This is a convenient workout machine because you can do a lot of exercise with just one machine.

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What Do We like

Easy Installation

This elliptical orbit bike is very easy to assemble and install. The spare parts, installation manual and essential tools needed for the installation are included in the package.

The manual is easy-to-read so that users will be able to follow without the need for assistance from professional technicians easily. There is no reason that you can’t have your own in your house.

High-quality Materials

This bike is made from high-quality materials to ensure its durability. It comes with sturdy steel that is made from high-quality steel to support you during the whole workout session.

It has a seat that can be adjusted to provide you with the utmost comfort while riding. You are provided with a safer workout through its non-skid pedals to support your feet while pedalling, thus, decreasing the risk of being injured.

It has wider pedals to suit different user’s feet size. It can accommodate a maximum user weight of 110 kg.

What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seat with no back support

This elliptical orbitrack bike has a smaller seat compared to other indoor bikes. This is a bit of an issue, especially if you are particular with the way you are seated while riding.

This may cause a bit of discomfort in the lower back, in the hips and buttocks because when you are seated, your weight is not evenly distributed on the seat.


This exercise machine offers you a low-impact workout; it is designed to accommodate various users. The OB-331 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike from Kamachi is a great way to revolutionise your fitness routine. It does not only focus on your upper body with its rowing motion but also on your lower body through cycling.

This machine is designed to accommodate users of different sizes, shapes, and ages through its low-impact exercise. You can be sure to have that full-body workout you are dreaming of.

This machine simulates running and cycling for that total workout experience. The best advantage it offers is that it also improves your cardiovascular strength.

If you want a new way of exercising, you might want to try this fitness machine from Kamachi. This machine can change on the way you look at exercise. Exercise can be fun. Get yours now and be one of the witnesses of the greatness of this equipment.

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